Well played Crown Valley Parkway Expansion project, well played.

March 31, 2009

Again you have showed us that you are in control and not us the motorists. In year 3 of the 250 year project to “expand” Crown Valley Parkway you continue to show us newer and wondrous way to infuriate and annoy motorist.

Today I really enjoyed the grated road bit. You know my car needs more loose gravel and rocks to mess up the paint. Also really enjoy the lack of lane marking. Which here is Southern California is just an invitation for even more roadway shenanigans. Look I love living here, but I will freely admit that people here drive like crap and that is on a good day. Add rain and you have End of Days.  So imagine the joy when you strip what little order that is maintained on the roadways. Today people where weaving in and out with no regard for right of way or safety.

So thanks again, I was getting way too comfortable on my drive to work.


I got very little to report.

October 23, 2008

Work is keeping me busy, I am still futz with this site and spending waaaay too much time on Facebook and FanIQ. However I do have some good news, I have finally signed that peace accord with llama’s. However discussions with alpacs have broken down. . . .