I think I have become Facebook’s prision bride.

March 27, 2009

Since it sucks up nearly all of my time and creativity when I am the interwebs the rest is sent over at FanIQ. Sadly that saps what little creativity and non-Time Warner Cable rants I have in my grape sized brain.

Wow, it almost seems I have made this blog as enjoyable as doing public service.  Which it really should not be like that.  I remember when I loved doing this blog, sure it was a flawed rambling tower on silliness, but it was mine. It was something that I put time into and the blog was something I did longer than most jobs I have had. In fact it help me survive at some of those jobs along the way. I again want to apologize to all who have come across this HTML hovel and not be graced with more of my homespun gibberish.

Well things are still on schedule for France, except for one thing. Learning French has been shelved, since taxes, fixing a fence and ridding the house of termite have now taken priority.

Ces’t la vie.

Well I know this post makes little or no sense, but I had to do something since I had some time. I will again try to pry myself away from the Facebook pipe and try to do more with the old bloggy blog.