White Sox win! White Sox win!

April 7, 2009

Oh I know it will not last, but I have to savior these moments when they come.

Boy do I love me Opening Day wins, especially when they are dramatic.


I am excited about the season and baseball in general, but I do at time miss being the total baseball fanatic I was.


I hate to kick my own ass but

August 4, 2008

I think I have a case of the Monday’s. Well it does not help it was damn ass hot while working in the yard. I am now fighting with a toilet in the house, and it may get to hand to hand combat. And to top it the White Sox lost 2 out of three to the Constitutional Monarchs including a Sunday free-for-all. A loss that is going to sting in a couple of ways. One, that loss lead to the Sox slipping out of first, and a possibility of a long suspension of Ozzie Guillen because of this gem. (Yahoo Sports) Hey, you have to appreciate his honesty.

What did my weekend comprise of.

July 28, 2008

A cattle drive – Nothing says Saturday Morning like watching a cattle drive. Yes cattle was herded through the streets of our humble little municipality. (O.C. Register)

Latter that day we decided to head into the Fair to see the sites and see the latest developments in fried food technology. It is also fascinating people watching at the Fair and see the people who put effort into their outfits. I mean you could see that people put in a lot of time and effort in deciding either to go with the Raiders Jersey or the Beer Inspector T-shirt.

This week end also comprised of seeing the White Sox take 2 out of three from the Pitty Kitties. Next up the hated Twins.

Spent hours watching our new adopted kids (Tortoises) making sure they ate. As I mentioned our house was looking like a hobo camp. Thankfully it has gotten better. The yards are bare right now. So right now in the back we have the kids in an area where we can keep an eye on, since we have some plants that are not the best for them. So we are working on finding ways of Tortoise proofing those plants so they can have free reign. I would have never expected to be fascinated watching them, but I am.

Disposing of a “gift” left by this guy.

Woke up Saturday Morning and found a bird that was brought down by this Orange & White character. Me and the Better Half appreciate that he wants to provide for us, but there is not threat to our food supply, and if is going to do that, just leave it to mice. Felt bad about the bird, but could not get mad at him too much, he’s a cat.

Sunday – finally had a day to loaf around and clear out stuff on the TIVO. The Better Half and I finished our peaceable weekend with dinner what we like to think is our local (Memphis) . If you ever come to Costa Mesa or Santa Ana stop on in.

So it is now back to grind.

Tripping toward August

July 22, 2008

The White Sox somehow are still holding on the AL Central lead, thanks to the Twins falling on their face of late. I have a feeling I should start working on picking out a name for my future ulcer. Even if the White Sox get lucky win the AL Central over the under achieving Ninjas that are the Twins, they will not make easy.

Look I know I should be happy since I expected to ready for football by June 1st, but like usual I am not.

Suite and Sour

August 27, 2007

I know I have not been chatting about baseball of late.

As a White Sox fan this weekend may be a low point. A point I have not seen since the late 80’s. Which were the Dark Ages. Just imagine the world of Theodoric of York. This weekend is being swept by the Cubs bad, but the Red Sox treated us baby harp seals. I think Mr. Tobin puts it best with his recap. (Bugs and Cranks)

But things with baseball have not been a total loss of late.

Tuesday, thanks to my wife, we enjoyed the Anaheim Angels of Los Feliz, by way of Long Beach beat the tar out of the Yankees. The Better Half was beat from work, so we took off before watching Garrett Anderson collect his 10th RBI. But we enjoyed chilling in a Suite, at the Big A of Burbank.

Now I have been fortunate to have watch a NBA game from a Suite. Sadly that was Donald Sterling’s Suite at the old Sports Arena which was great, if it was still the 60’s and if one liked being as far away from the floor as possible.

I have been in one for a football game, which was alright, but since it was in San Diego I could not enjoy it. One being it was the Chargers, and two was spending most of the 2nd half worrying about when we need to go, so we would not be stuck in the parking lot at the Murph for days. I am sure there are worse parking situation at other stadiums, but San Diego has to be in the top 10. I mean I had trouble getting out of there for Padres game during the Fire Sale years.

Until this past week I had not done it at baseball game. Well that is not entirely true. I have eaten Prime Rib at the Dodgers Stadium Club for a game, which was surreal. And then there was the suites at the Big A. A friend of mine’s dad company had a suite for one season, but they never returned the keys. And as we would find out they did not change the locks. So one Sunday afternoon during a Blue Jays/Angels tilt, we ventured to see if it would work. So we snuck to the club level (Oh the days of ticket upgrading, when it use to be a subtle art) Then a couple of us snuck into the section to see if there was anyone in the suite. After our recon, we tried the lock and we were in. Alright this is great we in a suite this is awesome and we are going to live large. Then it hit us. As we rummaged through the suite we realized that it was nearly bare. We did find something. We found condiments. No food, no drink, just condiments. And since we were all broke it began to take a shine off the suite. But we pooled our cash and got popcorn, which was to use on the condiments. A barbaric practice, I know and one I could not be a part of. I am still a little queasy thinking about relish on popcorn. The other item that made the suite more Sweet & Low was the level of paranoia we had that we were going to be rousted. So anytime there was a sound at the door we were all looking for cover like a Bush Appointee when asked a direct question. Thankfully we did not get caught.

We did try it one more time and it was pretty much the same as the first, well expect for the popcorn. We grew tired of it and realized that we should be with the people. Also they finally changed the lock. Even though it was not as cool as we hoped it was still fun since it was like the forbidden doughnut.

All of this leads me to Saturday Night where my wonderful wife obtained tickets for another suite and we were able to find friends and it was a great experience. Even thought the Suite was in the left field corner, it was still a great view of the field. We had decent food and plenty of drink. I got to catch up with some friend and repay others who have scored me tickets in the past. It was nice sitting in AC comfort, eating taquitos, watching the NFL Network, and talking sports with friends. You could not ask for more, you could but they are very strict about shooting fireworks from the suites.

I now have to get back to work and try to forget about the mess that is Chicago White Sox Baseball.

Sorry I was away.

August 15, 2007

I blame my absence on being busy with a lot of things and not a state advised respite. Life complicated as it is has been a wee bit more complicated than it has been before, but I thought I could at least show up and fire off some random nonsense at you my audience. Yes I am talking to all three of you (but if we included the voices in my head we would have a nice crowd)

Campaign 08′ – Hi, I am voter and it is great that we are talking about the issues and having the candidate debating, but we are still more than a year away. This coverage is ridiculous, to the point the NHL regular season called and said it was this was a little much.

Karl Rove – Go F yourself fat man. May cinder block fall from the heaven onto your junk. Now shove off to Hell.

Speaking of Hell – Sad to see Hell’s Kitchen end and I am so going to miss Aaron cracking up. Glad that Rock won, but I think he may have been a ringer. I am too lazy to look it up, but he was working at a pretty swank establishment.

Gordo Part II – I could watch ol‘ Gordon all day. No surprise I have told you that before, but now people I am going to tell you this, and please take heed. Watch the U.S version of Kitchen Nightmare’s this fall, it will spectacular.

Aaron Eckert – I am going to spare your life. I finally saw Thank You For Smoking and you were great. So was everyone else, well except for Katie Holmes. I am sorry buy rebar is less stiff. So Mr. Eckert this means that crappy movie you and that Octogenarian loving Welsh woman made will be forgiven by me. But I can’t assure your safety from Anthony Bourdain (cooking’s Lou Reed, but with loads less heroin) who will come down there and extinguish a couple lung darts on your eye lids.

Speaking of Tony – I hope you are all watching his show, I am trying to read his books and from what my life has told me, I will not be disappointed.

Big Love – Chet errrrr Bill, what the hell are you doing? Pride gose before the Fall. When you are picked up by cross dressing loons who make the UEB look sane, then brother you got to let shit slide. Weaver gaming ain’t worth it, but I am glad Ellsworth was able to get out. Is it me or did Roman start uttering lines from Repo Man in his delusional state. Also Nicky, drop the dime on Alby and tells everyone that the prophet has another daughter (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Baseball – Well thankfully the White Sox have decided to stop playing with my heart. As they finally seem to understand the concept of winning. Guys would have been nice to see this maybe back in May.

Football – To say I ready for football season would be a gross understatement.

Madden – Yesterday my wife showed why she is the Better Half. Even though it lurks in my mind constantly, it was only yesterday I actually said something about getting the new Madden game when it came out. I usually get it around my birthday or Christmas. Little did I know my wife had been planning to get me the game. So yesterday evening, I was like many other degenerates who were skipping and giggling about like a school girl. All over a video game. Eric bad news, I stomped on your Bills 34 -0. Good news is that mean come September it will be the other way around. Now what was I saying about pride? What has my life become?

Bill Walsh – A football visionary who advanced this game leaps and bounds. Even though I hated the 49er’s I could not hate him. The man was a genius. So I would like to say a couple of words,

“Red Right Tight–Sprint Right Option”

I Klondike Bar for any of you who know what that means.

The Simpson’s Movie – I must be busy because I have not gone to see it yet. What’s wrong with me?

Last week here in L.A. a legend pass. Hal Fishman. A man who was one of the basis’ of Springfield’s Channel 6 News, Kent Brockman. I will miss you, your crotchety commentaries and your lazy eye. I will pour out some of my 40 for you dog.

Speaking of the Simpsons – I still have not seen the movie yet. What’s wrong with me?

Old Yeller – No not Homer, but when is Animal Control going to come in and just put Britney down. I mean this is now just cruel.

Blur vs. Oasis – Look it has been 17 year and I still have not chosen a side.

Merv Griffin – You will be missed by almost everyone, well except Deney Terrio. I will miss you Merv, but I am pissed about one thing. Why did sell the Beverly Hills Hilton and allow the great Trader Vic’s to be destroyed. The worst part was before it was taken from us, it was deKitsched and moved. You might as well shot Bambi, because that is how it felt to me and the wife. Merv you had some big bread, why did you sell? Ah forget it!

Dog days of summer are barking, but not like Ron Mexico’s boys are doing to the Feds. Ron you are done at least for this year. I think you may want to take that plea agreement and spend some time in the hole, because it will get ugly if this goes to trail. Because Mike this could run off the rails like some of your late season performances. And when you go to the big house you will need to tell your future husband that you have herpes. And the Herp Dog is a dog that bites back.

Now if Vick does go to trail and we find out there are other famous names involved, then we will have pandemonium.

R. Kelly – Whacked out R&B alleged pervert or Evil comedic genius? Because there is more Trapped In A Closet coming people. Right now I may be leaning toward genius.

Okay, that was fun. Well kids I am off and I will be back Friday, I have some business I need to attend to tomorrow.

June 28th 2007, a big day in Boski Sports

June 29, 2007

Yesterday was the birthday of one of the greatest NFL QB’s of all time.

John Albert Elway. ALL HAIL #7!

Also yesterday Frank Thomas clobbered his 500th Home Run.(MLB.com) It is sad he did not do it as a White Sox, but I am happy for him. Yes I have come down from my contempt for him after the 2005.

During the 90’s it was all about these two.

I watched John Elway start the decade willing his team to a Super Bowl and coming within a Deep Thigh Bruise and a Steve Sewell fumble from another Super Bowl bid. Then go through some lean years only to see him end on top with back to back Super Bowl titles.

I also remember watching a young Frank Thomas fresh from AAA, go 1 for 4 with a walk in a White Sox 9 – 5 win at the Big A (9-1-90).

As the scrappy Sox moved within 5.5 of the A’s. The same day Bobby Thigpen tied the MLB record for saves in a season (46) on his way to setting the current record of 57. Not that I remember any of that.

I watched this giant of a man who had a Ted Williams command of the strike zone develop in a terror weapon who helped put the White Sox back on the map. I watched him win two MVP’s (should have had a third in 2000). Let us not forget he was putting up huge numbers in 1994 before the strike came.

I also watched Frank languish as the Sox floundered in the late 90’s. Also watched him suffer through injuries and be an a-hole at times. Which I had to get a little bit of a chuckle see Frank get ejected in the 9th for arguing balls and strikes. I was happy to see Frank get a ring with the Sox, even seeing him limp through the season, it was just right to see him be apart of White Sox winning a title. Look I think Harold Baines is Mr. White Sox, but it is a title that fits Frank better.

So congrats Frank.

So you have heard me whiny not so poetic of my youth thank you for listening.