I shouldn’t laugh but.

June 8, 2007

I feel a little better about the world today.


Looks like Judge Sauer was not going to have any of these reindeer games. So they dragged her ass back to court and Judge Sauer proclaimed , “NO MORE MTV! NO MORE TWISTED SISTER (I will send you a shinny nickle if you know where that is from)! “. Well at least till she is done with her time (Thanks to TMZ).

Again I not always for laughing at other misfortunes, but this just feels so right with her.
I just now hope that the Dems will get a hint and take to Scrub and take him and his cronies to task for their crimes which dwarf this hot mess. I know a long shot, but a man can dream.


People of Boston

February 1, 2007

Please do not take your anger out on The Aqua Teen Hunger Force for what happened today. It was not their fault, they are just your average wad of meat, milkshake, and fries, trying to fight crime and piss off their neighbor Karl.

A note for the people at The Cartoon Network, you may want to rethink your marketing strategy. I am thinking that this can’t just be blamed on a unpaid intern. Heads will roll, oh they will roll.