Oh wait another question.

March 15, 2007
How can you get a “reality show” when you and reality have not seen each other in years.

Will this be listed under Sci/Fic?
Speaking of the Beckhams, I need to again pick a David’s future employers.
Hi, my name is Boski, and I am really glad to see that A.E.G doing it’s best to help soccer in this country. I know you are trying to grab viewers like myself who enjoy watching the EPL. But I am also a Los Angeles Kings fan, you know that Superfund site that plays to ever shrinking crowds at Staples. Yes that team you just held a fire sale for. I understand and applaud that we are finally rebuilding, but for the 250 million you dropped on Becks could have gone a long way. Even with the salary cap we could have bought some players. Hell, we could have bought the Pittsburgh Penguins and they have some really good players. So I hope and pray that Beck’s knee gets better and the Ducks do not win a Stanley Cup before the Kings do. Or you will face my wrath, and gentlemen that wrath is almost on par with my wrath I have for Time Warner Cable.



Maybe I was not wrong in

February 24, 2007

… my original assessment of Britney needing to be kenneled.

Thankfully she’s back into rehab, yet again (I hope they told her that going in and out of rehab like will not get her free frozen yogurt any sooner).

But I have to ask, if she does get out again, will they need Animal Control?

Look she went feral last time she was out on the streets.

Seriously how close are we to seeing her attack humans?

In this man’s humble opinion, not very far.

Right now I think the best thing for the kids is to let them be raised by wolves. Look it may have worked for these guys. Look the wolves would have more manners and be a little bit cleaner than K-Fed and Brit, but again it is just this man’s opinion.

I really should be ashamed that I have taken the time to even care about Brit, considering how f’ed up things are in the world (the destruction of the Constitution, the Iraq war, coming soon the Iran War, global warming, Darfur and so on and so on), but I am sorry. I just get so mesmerized when Hillbillies, Chavs (for our British fans) or dumb ass celebs go astray from the law and reality.

There I have admitted it, it is the first step in recovery.

So Britney got out of the kennel again.

February 21, 2007

I am sorry I mean rehab, that was a low blow and I apologize to all dogs and dog owners for that last remark.

I think this article from Defamer puts it nicely. This is getting ridiculous.

So Brit you could not handle rehab, or is re-rehab now since she has already bolted once. Oh well does is it matter? She probably out freebasing tweaking on Meth and Cheetos. But congrats Brit you should be getting that the “Rehab is for Quitters” card from Mrs. Lohan shortly.

I am probably not the only who thinks those two kids are so screwed. You know things are bad when Kevin Federline is the one who looks like the respectable one.