Mr. Roarke and Prisoner #6 have gone off to that Big Network in the Sky.

January 15, 2009

Wow the excitement of me posting again must have been too much for than man who was not as macho as Lloyd Bridges and the man who could not escape mutant bubbles.

So for Mr. McGoohan I will go down to Old World in Huntington Beach and yell, ” I am not a number. . .I am A FREE MAN!.

As for Mr. Montalban I am going to pour out some malt liquor on a height challenged person, who is wrapped up in some fine Corinthian leather.


So Do You Think Boski Is Ready For Some football?

August 29, 2007

Yes, oh dear god yes. I can not get here soon enough.

If College Football was not starting this weekend I would need Animal Control to put me down since I would be feral.

Ever since June I have been reading what ever I could get my grubby little hands on glorious football. You name it: pro, college, betting and fantasy.

Here is a list of what I have read. To show you why the NFL should have a restraining order out on me and how shallow my life is:

Pro Football Weekly – NFL Preview & the Summer issues of Pro Football Weekly

SportingNews – NFL, College & Fantasy Previews

2007 Pro Football Prospectus & paying for it Player Projection Program

Athlon’s NFL & College Previews

The Goldsheet College and Pro Preview

The Marc Lawrence Playbook – Football Handicappers Yearbook

Lindy’s NFL Preview

Phil Steele College Preview, all 6 of the regional preview Mags and Pro Football (which I got for free, I should have gotten it for the money I laid out)

Street & Smith Pro Football Preview (the only one that has a CFL preview, so go heavy on the Argos this season)

So all in all I have laid out probably about $200 bucks. Yes, I am a loser. I just can help myself. I love collecting these things I have been doing this for a while. I have some going back to ’89. When I finally got a grown-up job in ’96 it became an addiction.

Secondly, I have always wanted to see if I could be football handicapabler instead of just a dude who gets park really close to things. For all the gambling stuff I look at, I don’t do a lot of betting. Other than $5 a week office pool and a couple of squares at the Super Bowl, the last bet I made on a football game was September of last year. I know I have droned on about it in the past, but this fascinates me to no end. I have never had a desire to bet other sports, well except for Snooker and Monster Trucks. Hey if I am in Vegas I’ll throw something on whatever going, but betting the Hawks to beat the Nets by 4 on a Tuesday in February holds no allure.

Coming Up:

The E! True Hollywood Story: The Great Spacecoaster

Here’s a preview:

“Just as things seem to be going great, Gary Gnu was tumbling into $10,000 a week, hooker and blow binge that he thought it would last forever, or till Thursday. Sadly Gary’s love of the White Lady and Ladies of the Night came all crashing down when Gary was arrested in Guam after using his shrimp fork to eat soup while driving. The authorities found .02% blood in his cocaine, but the cops and the world was rocked when they opened the trunk of his Suzuki Sidekick. hookers midget jugglers, alpaca’s, Rollo’s and Dick Cavet in drag…..

Sorry I was away.

August 15, 2007

I blame my absence on being busy with a lot of things and not a state advised respite. Life complicated as it is has been a wee bit more complicated than it has been before, but I thought I could at least show up and fire off some random nonsense at you my audience. Yes I am talking to all three of you (but if we included the voices in my head we would have a nice crowd)

Campaign 08′ – Hi, I am voter and it is great that we are talking about the issues and having the candidate debating, but we are still more than a year away. This coverage is ridiculous, to the point the NHL regular season called and said it was this was a little much.

Karl Rove – Go F yourself fat man. May cinder block fall from the heaven onto your junk. Now shove off to Hell.

Speaking of Hell – Sad to see Hell’s Kitchen end and I am so going to miss Aaron cracking up. Glad that Rock won, but I think he may have been a ringer. I am too lazy to look it up, but he was working at a pretty swank establishment.

Gordo Part II – I could watch ol‘ Gordon all day. No surprise I have told you that before, but now people I am going to tell you this, and please take heed. Watch the U.S version of Kitchen Nightmare’s this fall, it will spectacular.

Aaron Eckert – I am going to spare your life. I finally saw Thank You For Smoking and you were great. So was everyone else, well except for Katie Holmes. I am sorry buy rebar is less stiff. So Mr. Eckert this means that crappy movie you and that Octogenarian loving Welsh woman made will be forgiven by me. But I can’t assure your safety from Anthony Bourdain (cooking’s Lou Reed, but with loads less heroin) who will come down there and extinguish a couple lung darts on your eye lids.

Speaking of Tony – I hope you are all watching his show, I am trying to read his books and from what my life has told me, I will not be disappointed.

Big Love – Chet errrrr Bill, what the hell are you doing? Pride gose before the Fall. When you are picked up by cross dressing loons who make the UEB look sane, then brother you got to let shit slide. Weaver gaming ain’t worth it, but I am glad Ellsworth was able to get out. Is it me or did Roman start uttering lines from Repo Man in his delusional state. Also Nicky, drop the dime on Alby and tells everyone that the prophet has another daughter (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Baseball – Well thankfully the White Sox have decided to stop playing with my heart. As they finally seem to understand the concept of winning. Guys would have been nice to see this maybe back in May.

Football – To say I ready for football season would be a gross understatement.

Madden – Yesterday my wife showed why she is the Better Half. Even though it lurks in my mind constantly, it was only yesterday I actually said something about getting the new Madden game when it came out. I usually get it around my birthday or Christmas. Little did I know my wife had been planning to get me the game. So yesterday evening, I was like many other degenerates who were skipping and giggling about like a school girl. All over a video game. Eric bad news, I stomped on your Bills 34 -0. Good news is that mean come September it will be the other way around. Now what was I saying about pride? What has my life become?

Bill Walsh – A football visionary who advanced this game leaps and bounds. Even though I hated the 49er’s I could not hate him. The man was a genius. So I would like to say a couple of words,

“Red Right Tight–Sprint Right Option”

I Klondike Bar for any of you who know what that means.

The Simpson’s Movie – I must be busy because I have not gone to see it yet. What’s wrong with me?

Last week here in L.A. a legend pass. Hal Fishman. A man who was one of the basis’ of Springfield’s Channel 6 News, Kent Brockman. I will miss you, your crotchety commentaries and your lazy eye. I will pour out some of my 40 for you dog.

Speaking of the Simpsons – I still have not seen the movie yet. What’s wrong with me?

Old Yeller – No not Homer, but when is Animal Control going to come in and just put Britney down. I mean this is now just cruel.

Blur vs. Oasis – Look it has been 17 year and I still have not chosen a side.

Merv Griffin – You will be missed by almost everyone, well except Deney Terrio. I will miss you Merv, but I am pissed about one thing. Why did sell the Beverly Hills Hilton and allow the great Trader Vic’s to be destroyed. The worst part was before it was taken from us, it was deKitsched and moved. You might as well shot Bambi, because that is how it felt to me and the wife. Merv you had some big bread, why did you sell? Ah forget it!

Dog days of summer are barking, but not like Ron Mexico’s boys are doing to the Feds. Ron you are done at least for this year. I think you may want to take that plea agreement and spend some time in the hole, because it will get ugly if this goes to trail. Because Mike this could run off the rails like some of your late season performances. And when you go to the big house you will need to tell your future husband that you have herpes. And the Herp Dog is a dog that bites back.

Now if Vick does go to trail and we find out there are other famous names involved, then we will have pandemonium.

R. Kelly – Whacked out R&B alleged pervert or Evil comedic genius? Because there is more Trapped In A Closet coming people. Right now I may be leaning toward genius.

Okay, that was fun. Well kids I am off and I will be back Friday, I have some business I need to attend to tomorrow.

I shouldn’t laugh but.

June 8, 2007

I feel a little better about the world today.


Looks like Judge Sauer was not going to have any of these reindeer games. So they dragged her ass back to court and Judge Sauer proclaimed , “NO MORE MTV! NO MORE TWISTED SISTER (I will send you a shinny nickle if you know where that is from)! “. Well at least till she is done with her time (Thanks to TMZ).

Again I not always for laughing at other misfortunes, but this just feels so right with her.
I just now hope that the Dems will get a hint and take to Scrub and take him and his cronies to task for their crimes which dwarf this hot mess. I know a long shot, but a man can dream.


June 7, 2007

Seriously I do not think I can find a broom stick big enough for this shenanigans.


This is so beyond BS. I am now truly ashamed to be a Californian. Considering what else is going on in the world I should not care, but my hate for her and her faux celeb cronies just sticks in my craw.


Hey, I hit Rickki Lake with a Stick Ball.

June 4, 2007


Okay I did not dome her or hit her with my blazing batting practice fastball, which could get me work in the White Sox bullpen right now.

The Better Half and I were at an event for Project ALS. The Better Half got us in and it was a cool event for a good cause. It was on the lot at Paramount. So if you watch Everyone Hates Chris or if you watch an old episode of Fame, it was out front of that is where I accidentaly hit her. Look they had a stick ball game going and I was throwing the ball back in and she got in the way. It glanced off her and I was not asked to leave, so no biggie, but I can say I did hit her with a stick ball. Now if it was Richard Bey. I would have gone head hunting.

It was a good time, saw the studio, saw some stars and had a pleasant afternoon.

I am not ashamed.

June 4, 2007

I am not one to enjoy another misfortune, but I may be a little too happy that Paris Hilton is now serving time. Wait who I am kidding, I am happy.

I am only miffed about two things about this whole mess. First, she is only going to serve a couple of weeks of time. Secondly, I just could not get to Lynwood to watch here get marched in. Rats!

Now if they can just round of the Crime wave that is Lohan I will fell safer on the roads.