Reason #467 for lack of posts.

I am trying to lower my self esteem even more by trying to learn French.

Yes, you heard that right. After butchering German back in high school, I am trying to wade back into the language pool again. This May, the Better Half and I are going to Paris. Back in January, while listening to some K.C.R.W.  (NPR) we were hearing about a tour of Paris’ finest chocolate. A tour being lead by this man. Thankfully we were able to get on to the tour, so Paris here we come.

So to prepare the wife and I tried to enroll in a French course, she was able to get in, I wasn’t. However I am still trying to go through the course.  So far since I do such a great job at English you can imagine my progress has been as swift and clear like a French filmmakers plot.

So in a word my French is “malade” .

Hey I have picked something up.


6 Responses to Reason #467 for lack of posts.

  1. silliyak says:

    Merde! We went in ‘o6 You are absolutely going to love it! I will try to remember tips. The first is, if you’re going to Giverny, (and YOU MUST!) get there as early as possible to avoid the large groups of school tours. Same with the Mona Lisa, get there when it opens. How long are you there? Details man, DETAILS!
    Oh, and I gave up on French when I saw how they do numbers above 60.

  2. silliyak says:

    Oh, and we LOVED the walking tours.

  3. silliyak says:

    And if you don’t look at this everyday…

  4. boski93 says:

    We are so excited about this trip. Here is more about it

    Our hotel is right by the National Assembly so we will be in the middle of things. Right now we are trying to plan out the second week when the chocolate part of the trip is over. We are trying to figure out if we just spend the rest of the time in Paris or try to venture out to Normandy, Euro Disney and even Monaco. So many options so little time.

  5. How is the French coming along? Learning anything new? Learning a second language almost sounds like torture now. To think other countries are basically all bilingual… makes me glad I live in the US where lazyness is acceptable ;).

    Heck, by now you’re probably already on your trip! Well, if you are, when you get back fill me in on how it went!

  6. boski93 says:

    Forthelifeofme – sadly the French is not going at all, oh the trip is still on, but had a lot of things come up that need to be addressed.

    Silly – You were so right about the numbers in French and the wackiness that ensure when you get past the number 60.

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