Well played Crown Valley Parkway Expansion project, well played.

March 31, 2009

Again you have showed us that you are in control and not us the motorists. In year 3 of the 250 year project to “expand” Crown Valley Parkway you continue to show us newer and wondrous way to infuriate and annoy motorist.

Today I really enjoyed the grated road bit. You know my car needs more loose gravel and rocks to mess up the paint. Also really enjoy the lack of lane marking. Which here is Southern California is just an invitation for even more roadway shenanigans. Look I love living here, but I will freely admit that people here drive like crap and that is on a good day. Add rain and you have End of Days.  So imagine the joy when you strip what little order that is maintained on the roadways. Today people where weaving in and out with no regard for right of way or safety.

So thanks again, I was getting way too comfortable on my drive to work.


I would like to make a suggestion

March 28, 2009

to the Las Vegas Visitor Bureau.

Please feel free to blow up the section of the Las Vegas Strip from Casino Royale to Bill Gambling Hall.

Never mind the Jim J. Bullucks here is Jack Handy Pistols.

March 27, 2009

In an effort to provide virtual CPR to the blog here are some random thoughts I have had.


Boski is drifting through another a low-energy Friday. Whoza I say, whoza!

Boski just had his last thought stolen, and then eaten by hobos. When will we be free of the hobo scourge?

Boski is now sure he has a superpower and that power is the having the ability to cause any cord to become tangled into knots without even trying.

Boski is sure if Jean-Paul Sartre could have played video games, he would have done it on an Existential-Box.

Boski is brought to you today by Mutual of Omaha.

Boski want someone to bring him a complete set of the 1978 Topps Baseball cards, a banjo and a cold Pepsi Free, for absolutely no good reason.

Boski just took the “What Star Wars Character are You?” Quiz, and it said he was Steve Fett, Boba’s Amway selling cousin.  Now he sit and wonders if that is a bad sign.

Boski wants to be the one to fill the void that has been in the American psyche since Real People went off the air. I will be a Skip Stevenson for a new era!

Boski has slain the project that has been tormenting him and is walking about the office yelling at the copier “Are you not entertained!”

Boski is pondering who had a better post up game, Friedrich Nietzsche or Giuseppe Garibaldi?

Boski is pondering was Fonzie’s crash into Arnold’s chicken stand all a part of a plot schemed by Al Delvecchio to take over the lucrative Milwaukee milkshake market?

Boski  is pondering the sociological ramifications of Cop Rock”.

Boski is still scratching his head over the fact that the baseball hot bed that is Turkmenistan did not make the World Baseball Classic.

Boski knows who can help fix the ailing financial system. Mr. Bill Brasky, he would literally eat every toxic asset, while using Bernie Madoff as a fork.

Boski is sad because after watching a old Laff-A-Lympics realized that they were all juicing.

Boski knows most will say that Tony Parker is the greatest French basketball player ever, but through careful research he is a distant second to Cardinal Richelieu.

I think I have become Facebook’s prision bride.

March 27, 2009

Since it sucks up nearly all of my time and creativity when I am the interwebs the rest is sent over at FanIQ. Sadly that saps what little creativity and non-Time Warner Cable rants I have in my grape sized brain.

Wow, it almost seems I have made this blog as enjoyable as doing public service.  Which it really should not be like that.  I remember when I loved doing this blog, sure it was a flawed rambling tower on silliness, but it was mine. It was something that I put time into and the blog was something I did longer than most jobs I have had. In fact it help me survive at some of those jobs along the way. I again want to apologize to all who have come across this HTML hovel and not be graced with more of my homespun gibberish.

Well things are still on schedule for France, except for one thing. Learning French has been shelved, since taxes, fixing a fence and ridding the house of termite have now taken priority.

Ces’t la vie.

Well I know this post makes little or no sense, but I had to do something since I had some time. I will again try to pry myself away from the Facebook pipe and try to do more with the old bloggy blog.


Reason #467 for lack of posts.

March 3, 2009

I am trying to lower my self esteem even more by trying to learn French.

Yes, you heard that right. After butchering German back in high school, I am trying to wade back into the language pool again. This May, the Better Half and I are going to Paris. Back in January, while listening to some K.C.R.W.  (NPR) we were hearing about a tour of Paris’ finest chocolate. A tour being lead by this man. Thankfully we were able to get on to the tour, so Paris here we come.

So to prepare the wife and I tried to enroll in a French course, she was able to get in, I wasn’t. However I am still trying to go through the course.  So far since I do such a great job at English you can imagine my progress has been as swift and clear like a French filmmakers plot.

So in a word my French is “malade” .

Hey I have picked something up.