The State of the Union . . .

may not be so great right now.

It is a lot better than the state of the G.O.P., which has gone completely overboard. The other night I was not able to listen to the State of the Union first, instead I made the mistake of listening to the Republican Response.  Which made me want to drive to Louisiana and punch non-former rising star of the G.O.P. Bobby Jindal in the neck. During the election season I kept hearing about Mr. Jindall and he does have an interesting personal storyon how he got to where he regardless of his politics.

So how did the G.O.P.’s hip, cool counter to Obama-mania fare?


Holy crap not only was that speech a huge pile of crap but it was as one pundit put it “a disaster for the G.O.P.” (thanks to Crooks & Lairs).

Well I will say any man who will say that government is a problem when his state has depended on aid since Katrina has balls, no brains, but balls. Oh Mr. Jindall, I thought it was brilliant for you to criticize a government program like the volcano research project. We can’t waste money on preparing for a disaster that could devastate as city or region, but that sort of things never happens.  .  .

Also kudos on the whole Disneyland to Sin City Railroad Lie, which you and other G.O.P nuts have pushed. That this is all a boodoggle for old Harry Reed, but in reality it is:

Summary: In recent days, Fox News hosts and contributors have advanced the false claim — pushed by Republican lawmakers — that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid included a provision in the recovery bill directing that $8 billion be spent on a high-speed rail line between Southern California and Las Vegas. In fact, the bill does not direct high-speed rail funds to any specific project, and any funding would be allocated by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman. (Media Matters)

Oh I could go on and on about this speech but there are many others who can do it better than I can so go check them. So in closing Mr. Jindall thank you. Thank you for restoring my lack of faith in the Grand Obstructionist Party. Even though you had a tough night Mr. Jindall you did accomplish one thing, you have saved us from Palin/Jindall 2012.


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