Wow, W. underperforms again!

It looks like Bush can’t even win on a losers list.

George Bush is the 36th Worst President Ever (thanks Asylum)

Now I am kind of shocked that Mr. Bush finished ahead, or behind  depending on how you look at it, six others for vaunted WORST PRES EVER!

However, I do see some of my favorite Gilded Age and Jazz Era presidents on the bad prez roll-call.

Now here is C- SPAN ranking survey result sheet (thanks C-SPAN) and I am very happy to see that thanks to Bush, U.S. Grant moved up ten spaces.  Bush even moved up old Tricky Dick to 25th. Well at least you helped someone other than people in you cabinet Mr. Bush. That is something isn’t it.

Oh those wacky kids at C-SPAN what will they come up with next?


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