We All Lost Something Today.

I have been dry on inspiration to write and have let myself and my ADD-led mind wander and focus on other things and projects, but I hate to say that I am inspired to write because of this.

Millard Fuller Co-Founder of Habitat for Humanity Dies (AP & Yahoo)

The world is a much better place thanks to his desire to help people who were not looking for a handout, but a hand up. There are a lot of families across the globe who have been able to have a simple, decent home to live. Not only did Millard’s work provide shelter to these families but it provided so much more that is not tangible. Now even though his work has provided many families with homes theĀ  need for homes, for good hard working people, is still great. Sadly we are in a time were that need is getting greater.

Ironically tonight is Habitat Night so I have go and talk to people about Habitat.

I am very fortunate in the time I have been volunteering with HFH that I got to meet Mr. Fuller very briefly and got to hear him speak on a couple of occasions.

He will be greatly missed.

Well kids this all I have for you that I can make coherent.


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