The State of the Union . . .

February 26, 2009

may not be so great right now.

It is a lot better than the state of the G.O.P., which has gone completely overboard. The other night I was not able to listen to the State of the Union first, instead I made the mistake of listening to the Republican Response.  Which made me want to drive to Louisiana and punch non-former rising star of the G.O.P. Bobby Jindal in the neck. During the election season I kept hearing about Mr. Jindall and he does have an interesting personal storyon how he got to where he regardless of his politics.

So how did the G.O.P.’s hip, cool counter to Obama-mania fare?


Holy crap not only was that speech a huge pile of crap but it was as one pundit put it “a disaster for the G.O.P.” (thanks to Crooks & Lairs).

Well I will say any man who will say that government is a problem when his state has depended on aid since Katrina has balls, no brains, but balls. Oh Mr. Jindall, I thought it was brilliant for you to criticize a government program like the volcano research project. We can’t waste money on preparing for a disaster that could devastate as city or region, but that sort of things never happens.  .  .

Also kudos on the whole Disneyland to Sin City Railroad Lie, which you and other G.O.P nuts have pushed. That this is all a boodoggle for old Harry Reed, but in reality it is:

Summary: In recent days, Fox News hosts and contributors have advanced the false claim — pushed by Republican lawmakers — that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid included a provision in the recovery bill directing that $8 billion be spent on a high-speed rail line between Southern California and Las Vegas. In fact, the bill does not direct high-speed rail funds to any specific project, and any funding would be allocated by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman. (Media Matters)

Oh I could go on and on about this speech but there are many others who can do it better than I can so go check them. So in closing Mr. Jindall thank you. Thank you for restoring my lack of faith in the Grand Obstructionist Party. Even though you had a tough night Mr. Jindall you did accomplish one thing, you have saved us from Palin/Jindall 2012.


Wow, W. underperforms again!

February 18, 2009

It looks like Bush can’t even win on a losers list.

George Bush is the 36th Worst President Ever (thanks Asylum)

Now I am kind of shocked that Mr. Bush finished ahead, or behind  depending on how you look at it, six others for vaunted WORST PRES EVER!

However, I do see some of my favorite Gilded Age and Jazz Era presidents on the bad prez roll-call.

Now here is C- SPAN ranking survey result sheet (thanks C-SPAN) and I am very happy to see that thanks to Bush, U.S. Grant moved up ten spaces.  Bush even moved up old Tricky Dick to 25th. Well at least you helped someone other than people in you cabinet Mr. Bush. That is something isn’t it.

Oh those wacky kids at C-SPAN what will they come up with next?

Well enough of the warm and fuzzies.

February 17, 2009

When we last left this blog I was musing about my favorite hard-scrabble hockey squad. Since then, the old Kings have come back.

Since the Kings have come home from their successful little seven game swing, they have been more Larry King then Louis XIV. Since coming back to the (213) they are a robust 0-1-2. Now it is not like they were playing the Sharks, Bruins and Red Wings here.

The last two nights have been extremely tough, in that the plucky little monarchs got off the mat after getting buried early. Then making furious 3rd period charges including goals being scored in both, with under 30 seconds left in regulation, to send the game to OT.  Sadly all those efforts lead to only two points as they would eventually lose in OT.

But Boski a point is a point and considering how the Kings have fared over the past few seasons isn’ that enough.

No. The Kings have moved passed the point of moral victories. Now if these were road games, I would not be so harsh.

Now I know this team is still stocked with kids and this team should not even be sniffing a playoff spot, but you do not give up 6 goals to the Thrashers, EVER. For &%$%ing sake can you guys show up for the 1st period. Hey it is nice an all that you guys can fight and claw back into a game. Look I am no Toe Blake but here is a tip. DON’T CONSTANTLY PUT YOURSELF IN THAT SITUATION!

Tomorrow night they come down to the pit of inequity that is the Honda Center. Which may mean another long night of frustrating hockey and happy Ducks fans. So gentlemen, please go find your dignity and desire and make things life tough for the Pond Dwellers, since it will desperately needed, not only tomorrow, but till the end of the season.

I know this may sound like a sign of the End of the World but,

February 11, 2009

the L.A. Kings are actually resembling a NHL team and are flirting with a (cue Jim Mora) playoff spot. Look I am not going to go off the deep end and say that I expect Lord Stanley’s Cup to paraded down Figueroa anytime soon, but this team may be turning the corner sooner than expected.

Right now I am truly excited to see this team go on a 6-1 road trip, which if not for another ill timed penalty in Montreal (which will forever haunt Kings fans) could have had a 7-0 road trip. Now there is still a long way to go and the schedule sets the Kings up for a lot of nights away from The Staples Center.

However if they are going to keep playing like this away from home then I say stay away.

Well I am going to hold on to hope that the kids will be alright and get this team out of the sink hole it has created for itself.

Looks like someone is trying really hard to win the 2009 A-hole of the year award!

February 11, 2009

Just when you think the title may go to a Bernie Madoff, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O, Britney Spears, Al Sharpton, or even perennial lock Paris Hilton, someone comes out of no where to surprise. I present a new front runner, Stewart Parnell. Or as I like to call him, “Ol’ Poisoned Peanut Butter Pants”.

What do you do when you find out that your product has been tainted with bacteira? You ship them out, because you are afraid of lost sales. Hey I know times are rough Stew, but was it worth8 deaths, 600 striken ill and one of the largest product recalls in history.  I have a feeling that his desire to keep the doors open at his company was not out his desire to keep his workers employed. So thanks A-hole, thanks a lot.

Even though Bush is gone, the culture of do whatever and consequences be damned is still with us.

We All Lost Something Today.

February 4, 2009

I have been dry on inspiration to write and have let myself and my ADD-led mind wander and focus on other things and projects, but I hate to say that I am inspired to write because of this.

Millard Fuller Co-Founder of Habitat for Humanity Dies (AP & Yahoo)

The world is a much better place thanks to his desire to help people who were not looking for a handout, but a hand up. There are a lot of families across the globe who have been able to have a simple, decent home to live. Not only did Millard’s work provide shelter to these families but it provided so much more that is not tangible. Now even though his work has provided many families with homes the  need for homes, for good hard working people, is still great. Sadly we are in a time were that need is getting greater.

Ironically tonight is Habitat Night so I have go and talk to people about Habitat.

I am very fortunate in the time I have been volunteering with HFH that I got to meet Mr. Fuller very briefly and got to hear him speak on a couple of occasions.

He will be greatly missed.

Well kids this all I have for you that I can make coherent.