The Nation’s eight year prision sentance is almost over.

As we sit here on the eve of the inauguration of the 44th President I wonder.  I wonder what hate filled tirade have I left for W?

Well I don’t.

Oh my dislike or disdain is probably never going to go away, but I have no “TimeWarner Cable-esque tirade. I feel that by doing that and putting in effort when Mr. Bush didn’t take the time to be a president during the eight years, I would just be spinning my wheels.

So Mr. Bush I say,


Hey why not put in the same effort to this post as he did to running this country, now if it was ruin then he may actually get ratings in the 70’s.  So Mr. Bush the Patron Saint of Failing upwards I wish you good health, good ridence and may we never hear from you or any of family again, unless it is in reference to either a punch line, arrest warrant, or mauled by mimes. Okay that last one was a bit too much, I know I hate mimes but would I ever wish that upon them.

 I know you thinking Mr. Bush “Wow the years flew by” well that happens when you spend most of your 8 years on vacation. You did make me laugh at your last press confence when I heard you drone on about “getting credit for making the tough decisions”. Which is all well and good, but did you ever make a hard choice? I am thinking the decision were made for you by Grandpa Vader errr Mr. Cheney. Who I think I will be so glad to finally smoked out of his cave. 

Maybe I am just being too hard, I mean we all have so much to thank you for:

A costly, poor planned and misguided war

Giant national debt


Economic malfeasance

Corruption and graft that would make Boss Tweed blush 


Oh wait a second, I know I have mentioned it before but I do want to thank you Mr. Bush you have freed Ulysses S. Grant from the basement of presidential administrations. Also thank you for giving everyone so much material to saterize and mock with over a wide spectrum of mediums.

Tomorrow Obama gets sworn in and thank god.  I will throw in a thanks to God for helping this country get it’s head out and electing a president who will not be menace. I have a lot of hope for the years to come, I am a realist and realize that everything Obama wants to get done will not, and he may have to lower some of the goals. But even a lower goal will look like Everest compared to the sinkhole left by Bush.


2 Responses to The Nation’s eight year prision sentance is almost over.

  1. Steve says:

    I give Bush some credit for creating a situation where Obama could win. I also worry about what will become of the Daily show and Colbert, but government always lends itself to comedy, so there is hope.

  2. Stan Yawassag says:

    We had a guy with a slightly above-average IQ (Keep in mind that average, 100, is roughly on par with the IQ of a Wal Mart floor manager) in charge of leadership of the free world. This is a problem. Did he really think anyone would fall for the yellow-cake uranium ploy? Or did the much-smarter and morally bereft Cheney just roll the poor guy over and over again? Hmmm, perhaps some California electric ratepayers could comment on this notion.

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