Musically Speaking

Well this entry had a lot more steam to it this morning before I was shanghaied into taking minutes at a meeting. Which is a task I oh so enjoy, like:

Nailing my feet to the ground.


Being eaten by puma

Doing a 1040 long form, in my own blood

Well it was going to be a post about songs that when I hear always take me back to the music I would hear when waking up and hearing on the radio in the morning, or just have that feeling of morning. I know it is stupid, but right now people it is the only idea I have, and I am forcing myself to blog it in hopes of re-lighting the old blogging fire.

So here is my list:

The Magnificent Seven – The Clash

Stand and Deliver – Adam and the Ants

Screenwriter Blues – Soul Coughing

Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo – Harvey Danger

Pump It Up & I Don’t Want to Go to Chelsea  – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

One Thing Leads to Another – The Fixx

Bop Gun – Ice Cube w/George Clinton

Lust of Life – Iggy Pop

Start! – The Jam

Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

No Other Way – Blur

Panic – The Smiths

Please enjoy.


5 Responses to Musically Speaking

  1. icagirl says:

    The word “puma” does now and I think forever will make me laugh… Puma. Hee hee… I loved your idea today, though, and I feel inspired to do something like it myself. However, inspiration is all well and good, but it’s not motivating my fingers to do anything but comment on your awesome post – and not write one of my own. Puma.

  2. boski93 says:

    Puma does hold a ton of comedic potential.

    Thank you for stopping by this virtual bird carge line I call a blog.

  3. Steve says:

    You kids are probably too young to remember Tommy Smothers and the Pomah in the cravass. Oh those were some knee slapping times.

  4. Ursula says:

    What about Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing?

  5. boski93 says:

    You know Silly, Mom always loved your blog best.

    U – I totally forgot about that one.

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