2009 is that the year or is it

the number of times I have promised to restart this blog?

Well I am going to give it another shot.  So how is everyone doing? Did everyone enjoy their holidays?

Okay those pleasantries are out of the way.

So what is up for the old blog?

Well I can start off and give you the tired over played Resolution List, but I am going to instead give and outline of things I will be doing and hope to get done this year.

1. Try to blog more, adding it to my Facebook addiction and my burgeoning FanIQ Modertorship.

2. Get to France – In May me and the better half will be off to Paris to enjoy a wonderful trip we heard about on NPR. It’s a trip mostly about chocolate. It should be fun, we are also going to spend sometime hitting a couple of other spots in France and Belgium.

3. This will be the year I finally bench 225. I failed at achieving that last year but I am at 215. I know it is silly but I will do 225, even though it would have been a bit more useful 19 years earlier.

4. Care for our “kids”.

5.  Look for a new home. We have come to the realization that Case de Boski is not big enough for two people who are pack rats.  The Better Half and I have thought about it and with the money from the estate we are going to look at new digs. 

6. Work on not being a pack rat.

7. Fix up the house. Move or not it is time to put some work into it, which should be a delight.

8.  I will reclaim all my heretical titles I hold in Finland, Djibouti & New Zealand. Oh they say they are all made up, well they were but it does not mean I should be aced out of trying to claim the thrones of said countries.

9.  Purchase a kick ass watch.

10. Help Turbo and Ozone save the Community Center.

So let us cross our fingers and hope that I can master my ADD enough to make some kind of attempt to resuscitate this blog.


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