Well theres something you just don’t see everyday.

Today at the gym, I saw someone that I still can’t believe I saw. I believe I watched someone use a razor on their FOOT!


Now I have seen some stupid stuff in a gym locker room, but this went beyond the garden variety using a blow dryer to dry your junk. Which is just wrong, use a towel like everyone else!

Seriously people have you no damn shame. Now here is the strangest and maybe most disgusting part. The perp was using what looked like an old fashion razor. The kind they used when the started to make disposable blades. Now it was not like Saquash looking to improve his look in flip flops by shaving the hair off of his feet (thank goodness), but he was taking the razor looking device and shaving the bottoms of feet. Now my first thought was maybe this is a pumice stone or something, but that damn thing looked like a razor, and it was giving me the he-be jebee’s something fierce. Now let’s say for the sake of argument that this person was not using a razor and shaving his foot, I had a problem with this guy scraping his foot like it was Parmesancheese and treating the floor like it was a nice dish of pasta. Even without my glasses I could see this guys dead skin flying off his foot. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Look the floor is nasty, I get it. Surgery is not going to be performed here, but dude we do not need to be trampling on the remnants of your latest molting.

So to all of you blow drying your junk, shave in the steam room, napping in your birthday suit by the spa, leaving your toiletries everywhere, foot nastiness a-holes you are on notice!


3 Responses to Well theres something you just don’t see everyday.

  1. My step dad does that. It is absolutely horrid to see. People shouldn’t do this, and if they’re going to they should find some abandoned alley to do it in.

    Got to say, glad I’m a woman. Never seen anyone blowdrying their junk! Another sight I hope never to see :).

  2. B. Freret says:

    I am… uh… glad I don’t go to your gym.

  3. neat shaver says:

    i admit shaving the feet is gross but a better way to shave that area might be with a product like the swerve, which is really for your neck but could work on the feet if you are into that.

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