I wonder if it will be written in Moose blood?

November 20, 2008

Really America we need a Palin memoir?I feel that it will, since there are people who hang on every bit of the drivel from O’Reilly, Rush and the other meat-heads that they will scurry to get their hands on it, but outside of that will there really be enough wobbly tables out there to support this book?

Now if this does happen, no matter what she chooses for a title it will be wrong and the proper title should be (please forgive the sexism and bad pun here)  Ignorance is a Broad 

Thank you folks, I am here all week….


I now truly know that economic slow down has really hit Main Street…

November 18, 2008

because last night a contestant on Wheel of Fortune asked Pat Sajak if they could file for Chapter 11 and restructure their debt, so they could buy a vowel.

That is just sad.

Well theres something you just don’t see everyday.

November 15, 2008

Today at the gym, I saw someone that I still can’t believe I saw. I believe I watched someone use a razor on their FOOT!


Now I have seen some stupid stuff in a gym locker room, but this went beyond the garden variety using a blow dryer to dry your junk. Which is just wrong, use a towel like everyone else!

Seriously people have you no damn shame. Now here is the strangest and maybe most disgusting part. The perp was using what looked like an old fashion razor. The kind they used when the started to make disposable blades. Now it was not like Saquash looking to improve his look in flip flops by shaving the hair off of his feet (thank goodness), but he was taking the razor looking device and shaving the bottoms of feet. Now my first thought was maybe this is a pumice stone or something, but that damn thing looked like a razor, and it was giving me the he-be jebee’s something fierce. Now let’s say for the sake of argument that this person was not using a razor and shaving his foot, I had a problem with this guy scraping his foot like it was Parmesancheese and treating the floor like it was a nice dish of pasta. Even without my glasses I could see this guys dead skin flying off his foot. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Look the floor is nasty, I get it. Surgery is not going to be performed here, but dude we do not need to be trampling on the remnants of your latest molting.

So to all of you blow drying your junk, shave in the steam room, napping in your birthday suit by the spa, leaving your toiletries everywhere, foot nastiness a-holes you are on notice!

Again I have been waylaid in my musings.

November 13, 2008

Hello kids sorry I have been busy/easily distracted yet again.

So let me catch you up on what is going on.

Still freaking happy about the outbreak of logic and reason on Nov. 4th. However I am a bit miffed at my beloved state for passing of Prop. 8. Outside of that was so pleased to see that enough of this great nation of ours did not get bamboozled again by the G.O.P. hate machine. Because I do not think this country could have withstood four years of McLame and Failin. Well the easy part is done, now Obama has to deliver. Now I am not putting giant expectations on the man, not that he is incapable of great things, I just feel he may be a bit hamstrung thanks to last eight years (Great job Bushie!). I just want him to provide leadership we have lacked.  Now I could ramble on about my feelings about the ramifications of seeing the election of Obama, but I will leave that to those better qualified and waaaaay more literate than my sorry ass. However, I will say next to hearing the election called in Obama’s favor the best moment of Election Day was when they were interviewing supporter who came out to Grant Park. I clip I have scoured the Internet for and to no avail, but it goes as follows.

Reporter with a group on people.

Reporter: “So sir, you must be excited to see Barack Obama become the 44th President?”

Gentleman: “Yes, yes I am”

Reporter: “Well this must make up for the Cubs not making the World Series, doesn’t it?”

Gentleman: “No Miss, I am a White Sox. In fact this has been a fantastic year”.

What more could I ask for? Seriously? I have just witnessed a historical election, I am excited about this countries futrue and I got to hear someone punk the Cubs on Network television. All in one night. God bless America.

From this point on, you can call me Commodore Boski. No I am not a new member of a reconstituted version of that famous R&B band. I am now about of the seafaring set. Two weeks ago the Better Half and purchased a membership to rent out one of these puppies for the next year


My wife has always wanted to do this and the time was right. It a nice deal in that for the next year outside a couple dates we can call and grab on of the available boats and cruise the harbor. Sadly I was informed this puppy would not make run to Terra del Fuego. Oh well another dream kicked in the teeth. I will just have to settle with enjoying it with family and friends. Thanks to the great but weird weather we have been able to get out and enjoy it. Last Saturday was spectacular let me tell you, and probably in about 6 months I will finally get around to downloading those photos.

Preppingthe kids for their Winter Slumber – Even though I still miss the Adorable Stalker, we have been filling that hole with our two tortoises, if you could not tell since there are pictures of them on this blog already. Right now we are looking at finding them proper housing. Now when they were at the BH’s Mom’s she let them burrow where ever they liked and for the most part it worked out. But our yard is not lush as hers and I worry about drainage, so we are looking at getting them doghouses to slumber in. As I told you, we are obsessed with these two.

My fantasy football teams suck and so does my hoops team, so like death, taxes and TimeWarner pissing me off, I have gone back to inhabiting my usual spot, the cellar. All the while my real teams are mix bag.

Lakers = Good.

Broncos = Not so good.

Kings = not as horrendously bad as feared.

Bruins = Oh good god what the F is going on here?

I have also been waaaayto distracted by my obsession with Facebook and FanIQ.

So that is what is going on here with the Ol’ Boski.

P.S. Silly you can uncross your fingers now.

Let us all cross our fingers.

November 4, 2008

That tomorrow things go smoothly and that this election occurs. Yes I have a small part of me fearful that something will go sideways and keep the vote from happening. Aside from that fear I still hold a great deal of how is this election going to get jacked.

I hope I am wrong and when my head hits the pillow tomorrow that we have a new president, a new outlook and a new direction.

Hey that is all I got for you today.