New Office term.

Boski – to spill something on yourself at the office that will make you look foolish all day and cause you to have to replace that article of clothing.

Today I Boski’ed myself at the copier, and got toner all over my pants. Now my khaki pants look like they are apart of the Dockers Black Lung Miners Khaki’s.

Now as I walk around my shame is on display for all my peers. Oh how I love to answer the question, “What happened?”

Well me being dumb is what happened, now leave me be.

Great move dumb ass, great freaking move.


One Response to New Office term.

  1. Silliyak says:

    OMG! You’re human! Give yourself a break dude. You’re a caring person who erred, and will most likely not make the same mistake again. And if you do, so what? Your wife still loves you, even if you’re not totally perfect,right?
    Chill, breathe, relax

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