What did my weekend comprise of.

A cattle drive – Nothing says Saturday Morning like watching a cattle drive. Yes cattle was herded through the streets of our humble little municipality. (O.C. Register)

Latter that day we decided to head into the Fair to see the sites and see the latest developments in fried food technology. It is also fascinating people watching at the Fair and see the people who put effort into their outfits. I mean you could see that people put in a lot of time and effort in deciding either to go with the Raiders Jersey or the Beer Inspector T-shirt.

This week end also comprised of seeing the White Sox take 2 out of three from the Pitty Kitties. Next up the hated Twins.

Spent hours watching our new adopted kids (Tortoises) making sure they ate. As I mentioned our house was looking like a hobo camp. Thankfully it has gotten better. The yards are bare right now. So right now in the back we have the kids in an area where we can keep an eye on, since we have some plants that are not the best for them. So we are working on finding ways of Tortoise proofing those plants so they can have free reign. I would have never expected to be fascinated watching them, but I am.

Disposing of a “gift” left by this guy.

Woke up Saturday Morning and found a bird that was brought down by this Orange & White character. Me and the Better Half appreciate that he wants to provide for us, but there is not threat to our food supply, and if is going to do that, just leave it to mice. Felt bad about the bird, but could not get mad at him too much, he’s a cat.

Sunday – finally had a day to loaf around and clear out stuff on the TIVO. The Better Half and I finished our peaceable weekend with dinner what we like to think is our local (Memphis) . If you ever come to Costa Mesa or Santa Ana stop on in.

So it is now back to grind.


One Response to What did my weekend comprise of.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Natural selection, the better birds live to breed.

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