Giving things up.

I realized over the past year or so that I have been giving things up. I still have a long list of other things to give up, most give up kicking my own ass about everything, but that a story for another day. Last night at the concert I made a mental list of things I had given up.

1. Caffeine – thanks to the medication I am on I would be Jumpy McJupperty if I still drank caffeinated beverages. I still take a taste every once in a while so I can get back that feeling of riding the dragon. Even as much as miss being able to drink Coke I will say it has helped in losing weight so I am cool with it.

2. Being cool – I took Devo’s advice and I am just through being cool

3. Being 5-10 – And I will never be 5-10. I am 5-9 1/2 and that is the way it is.

4. Playing Madden – Something I though unimaginable since 1993, but I just have not played a game of Ol’ Madden since February.

5. Being young – Last night at the Pysch Furs/Yaz concert I noticed that I may have been one of the youngest ones there, at age 36. I should have known the moment I asked the Better Half, “When did our parents start going to our shows?” that my youth had “gone daddy gone”. Well I knew this day was coming, now excuse me I have to pull my pants up to my arm pits, chase kids off the lawn and get to the early bird special at Denny’s.

Post script to this post – The concert was good, sure Richard Butler looked like the child of Johnny Rotten and James Spader but sounded great. Yaz surprised me I was entertained.


2 Responses to Giving things up.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Anoterh reason to give up cola is that it will start to stain your teeth, which does wonders for one’s self esteem.
    Enjoy the 5’9.5″ while it lasts, you’re gonna shrink.
    The good news is after a mid life crisis or two (I’m never gonna pitch in the World Series he wails)things become much more serene and you appreciate what’s important (Hint-it’s not STUFF)
    There are two sure signs of old age, loss of memory and… I can’t remember the other one.

    Oh, and being easy on yourself is HUGE! Try to stop or counter any negative self talk you do.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Silly – I am trying, but sadly kicking my own ass is something I have crafted into an art, but I am trying.

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