Oh I am not happy about this and now I will rant!

I do love me television, outside of sports I catch some of less beaten path shows. I rarely care about things like the Emmy’s, but yesterday I wanted to punch everyone on the nomination committee right in the neck.

Why Boski?


The Wire = 0 nominations. That is {content removed, but let’s say Tommy Lasorda blushed} wrong! Hey maybe it was a mistake, or maybe it was time for other shows and actors to get nominations since the The Wire has grabbed so many in the previous four years. Oh wait a second that can’t be since The Wire has never received ANY nominations in five years.

0 are you F$%#ing kidding me!

That is F’ing honked up, and I am talk of biblical proportion . This was one of the best TV series ever, EVER to grace TV. Five years of great TV and no nominations. Okay I am still catching up on season five, only because our old TIVO took a dirt nap. So if any of you tell me what happens I will be pissed, pissed to the point where I will not give you any positive marks for your comments. . . immediately. I will seriously wait 10, 15 seconds. Don’t try me.

Also Jimmy Kimmel got no nomination for JKL. Damn that was a bad week, first him and Sara breakup and now this. Look I know I am shill for Jimmy Kimmel but the show has been great. Look it should have got a nomination based on two things. “I am %$&ing Matt Damon” and the follow up, “I am %$#*ing Ben Afflec”. Yes crude, but hilarity.

Thankfully Bryan Cranston and Gabriel Bryne got nominations for Best Actors in a Drama, especially Cranston who is spectacular in Breaking Bad. If he had not gotten a nomination I would be starting a one man riot. As for ol Gabe he was fantastic as the shrink facing his own issues in “In Treatment”.

Alright I am done, I have not gotten this worked up over TV since Time Warner Cable took away the NFL Network or when Cousin Oliver showed up on the Brady Bunch. Now excuse me I have go the “What’s Happening” when the Dobbie Brothers play at the high school and rerun gets busted for bootleg is on.


2 Responses to Oh I am not happy about this and now I will rant!

  1. Silliyak says:

    You’re really back! Oh how I missed the rants lo these many months.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Silly – Well I can’t type peaceably when I know there is injustice.

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