I am back, I think

March 18, 2008

It has been awhile kids.

Well a lot has been going on since the last time I sat down and really blogged for you.

As you can see I have not been abducted by Finnish Secret Service, Time Warner Cable or became entangled in a pyramid scheme. However I would like to talk to you about Confederated Products. . . Maybe I will wait on that.

I have been struggling to figure out how to start this all over again and let you know what is going on. I have tried to sit down and do this at least 70 times, without turning this into a Steven King novel.

Let me just start off with 2007 sucked, from start to finish it sucked hard for the most part. 2008 has been better, but it has had some major suckage as well. So let me try to bullet point the highs and lows of the past year and half since I was writing to all of you good people (crickets):

My wife’s mother passed away. Still tough to talk about.

Dealing with ADD and depression. I will talk about that at a later time as long as I don’t make is sound pretentious.

I am on medication. All those years I used to joke about it and now it has happened. go figure. The medication has help but it does make me sweat more than I like. Let’s say on some days I sweating like Dom Delouse

Gave up caffine, I don’t know how I have made it this far.

Working on selling Better Half’s Mom’s home, which has been a huge undertaking. Nothing like selling a house when the market is tanking. Good times.

Did the Jimmy Carter Work Project in San Pedro CA, actually got to meet Mr. Carter briefly.

Been back to Vegas and it kicked ass. Nearly plowed into John Cleese at the Palazzo.

Let my hair go grey

From this:

To this:

Lost 25 pounds – Thanks to the meds I am on, getting my ass back to the gym and trying to eat better I have lost weight. I am not down to around 185. The scary thing is now I can bench press more now at 36, than I did when I was 18. The other sad thing is that # is 200 pounds. I “played” football and was an interior lineman and I could not bench more than 165 through out high school. My goal is to lift 225 so I finally declare myself eligible for the NFL Draft where I will be the first guy whose Wonderlick score and # of benching 225 combined will not be even half of my 40 time.

Finally have a BMW 3 Series, not happy how it came to us (it was the BH Mom car) also not happy that the car I really love and have been dreaming of owning runs on premium. Someone cue Alanis Morrissette.

Me and the Better Half are now the guardians of two desert tortoises, again you can guess from where. But we have taken them in, and enjoying it. Now just have to fix up the yard.

Sadly this guy may be moving away from us soon:

His family is looking for another home, since I think they maybe upside down on it, but I am no Chairman of the Fed. We do however hold out hope that they will leave him with us, but right now we are just trying to enjoy as much time as we can with him.

Well I became TimeWarner’s prison bride. Our Tivo went teats up so we got a new one, an HD Tivo and we continued with out life time subscription. Doing that locks us in with Time Warner, but in standard TimeWarner Cable fashion they had to give us an extra box so we could run the On-Demand since the digital cable cards could not. Which ended up being a disaster and now they have raised the rates again and are charging us for both boxes. So it is good to see that in this world there are things you can depend on.

I have been moonlighting on the blogosphere, well actually have been hanging at another site pumping out witty sports and pop culture banter. FanIQ. I am there way more than I should, but I enjoy it. I can pick games and not lose money, I can talk about sports, play trivia. Hell I even do this with about 90% less of my poor writing.

Speaking of sports think in 2008 have gotten better. 2007 sucked for all my teams. But in 2008 I have seen my White Sox stumble out of the blocks and wobbling toward a repeat of ’07 but then correct themselves and play some inspired baseball. Look I did not see this team playing this well this year and if they were I still thought they would be third behind the Pity Kitty’s and the Casino Owners. Instead it the Sox trying to fight off the Twinkees. I know it only July so a lot can happen, but Ozzie again is showing why I love the crazy S.O.B. As for the Lakers well everything went so well right until they got clubbed like baby harp seals by the Celtics. I would have like to seen the Celtics play like that when in the day when they face Cromwell. As for football, well it may be a long year for the Broncos and Bruins, but then I not the greatest when it comes to prognostication.

Hey I spent a week on a horse – actually got back from that trip two weeks ago. I swear I will put the Snapfish link when my wife is done. But we spent a week in Bridgeport CA at a place called Hunewill Ranch. So now I can say I have punched some doggies.

I have become a watch addict during my sabbatical. I think this all started back in the summer of 2005 when I got upset over losing a Wenger watch that I really liked. I had always just wore a simple Swatch since forever, but after losing that watch I got a replacement that Christmas and began a trend. Right now I have not lost my head yet, but I do own a bitchin TAG Heuer Carreara watch. But I will build myself a watch army and rule the world…..

Lastly – something I did not want to have to confess to but I have an obligation to come out and tell you. I have become a bit of a . . . metro sexual. Look I am sorry but I finally got to a point in my life that I wanted to stop being the worst dress guy at the office. I realized that my days looking like a hobo are over. Now I have not gone all Ryan Seacreast and frosted my tips, but I know have a subscription to Esquire and GQ with the possibility of getting Details. I know, I know you may all be ashamed but it is who I am.

So that is all I have for you now. I am going to try to get back to blogging, well at least attempt to try.

Signed Management