The Time Has Finally Come!


Yes, the NFL is back and I can truly put the festering wound that was Chicago White Sox baseball away.

So it begins tonight. I am doing my last minute research and I will present to you the world my illustrious picks.


Tonight we have the World Champions opening at home (1st time in 4 years) vs. the Free Good Hit of 2006.

New Orleans at Indianapolis (-6) (OU 52)

Well it looks like the a dream matchup of two team that can go up and down the field, with defenses that are not spectacular. I do not see the same amount of fireworks that everyone expects. There will be flashes, but it will be more start stop.

Saints will win if:

Remind the Colts front seven exactly who Deuce McAllister is. The Saints will still give some exotic looks and try to spring some quick strikes, but they will take from the “How To Play The Colts Manual” and run 50 Gut, Counter Trey, Iso plays and then cut them down and open up the back side running that zone.

Keep the Colts out of 3rd and manageables. For most teams that is 3 and less than 4, but the Colts you can stretch that 3rd and 7. The Colts can nickle and dime you to death, but better than leaving yourself exposed trying to get to Manning on a blitz and snap you done 14 points and you have to throw. Drew Brees please meet Dwight Freeney.

Make plays on special teams. This is the area the Colts have issues. Other than Vinatieri they don’t have great coverage teams and no one really know if Hunter Smith is in the NFL since he is seen less than the Loch Ness Monster.

Colts win

If they can actually focus on the game. How many times do you see a team celebrate their championship only to get waxed. The Colts are 48-16 at home since 99.

Doing the three step. Everyone seems worried about the Colts taking a Ugoh out on the open road. It won’t be a problem, even with the Saints have great DE’s. The Colts will try to run quick hitters and slow up the rush. If the Colts can do that and not have to bring Clark into block, they will maintain a huge advantage. The 3 WR’s will be enough, but having Clark up the the seam will be deadly.

The best defense is a kick ass offense. Colt D is at it’s very best when on the sideline. The Colts have the ability to get quick scores and also grind up with the short stuff. Which make a sorry D work. Last vs. the run, and since they were so bad it made their passing #’s look good.

Survey Says

Colts win but won’t cover the -6. Even though the Colts have been 48-16 at home since 99. They are also 30-32-2 against the line at the Victrola Dome. The Saints 37-28 in that same period. Last three years they were 16-9 ATS on the road (throw out 05 and its 13-3) 14-7 (11-2 if you again throw out 05) as a road dog. As for the Over/Under the two team will come close, but not over.

I am hoping for a thrilling start, but it will be interesting for 3 Quarters and then the Colts grind down the Saints, who will get a late score to make it close.

Colts 28 Saints 24

P.S. Take the over on the number of not so sublet hints that John Madden wants to meet Brett Farve in bathroom stall at the Minneapolis Airport (Not that there is any wrong with that)


One Response to The Time Has Finally Come!

  1. Silliyak says:

    Madden IS a “wide” guy so naturally he would spread his legs out. Just sayin’

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