Pre Football Not So Spectacular

Today I sit here in my cube actually doing office labor. Well that was as of an hour ago. I have been prepping for another roto draft this weekend. I have already completed one. One, may I say, as the now defending champion. I have the Burger King Crown and Silent Bob Bobble head to prove it.

So what does “In Faud We Trust!” Have to look forward to in 2007

Leftwich . . . . errrrrr Jason Campbell (Thanks Del Rio, I would not like to ask you do your best impression of the City of San Diego and go . . . .)

J. Lewis
L. Betts
D. Rhodes (He will be very rested come Week 6)

T.J. Whoseyourdaddy
K. Curtis
Hard Hittin’ Mark Witten


Oh Carolina, jump across


Mike “Not the Motor City Dumbass” Nugent

Let’s see I have had to already release a QB. My top back is coming off a broken hand, one plays for the Browns, one may not be the starter depending on the health of Southside Jerome and one who suspended. I took way too many Wideout’s. So I feel very confident about this season.

Right now I am trying to fine tune my NFL picks for 2007. I work hard on these things, so you will all have something to laugh and mock me about. Tomorrow more football that counts will be at hand. Let see what we have, in a sea of cupcakes will there be anything entertaining or shocking? Probably not too many, but let’s see what we have:

Folks you heard it hear first.

Idaho will beat USC. Tell your friends and neighbors. I have done a great deal of studying on this game and the numbers I crunched and all I have read and heard lead me to the Vandals beating USC hands down.

They will beat USC off the field at half time and then beat USC to the buses, during halftime to avoid having to come out for a second half Marvis Frazier beating.

USC 35(-46) Idaho 0 Now if Idaho does sticks around for the 2nd half then it will be USC 73 Idaho 3

Wisconsin (-14) 23 Wash St 16 I think this one will be closer than expected

Arizona 28 BYU 26 – The Cats steal one at Provo

G.T. (+1) 23 Notre Dame 10 It is going to be a long year at South Bend. As long as Charlies Wies’ litigation.

Mizzu (-4.5) 31 Illinois 20 – Tigers could be the surprise of the Big 12 North Division

Georgia 27 Oklahoma State 19 Cowboys get trimmed like the hedges at Athens

B.C.(-6) 31 Wake Forest 14 The Deacons come back to earth

Miami (-17) 48 Marshall, Marshall, Marshall 20

My Eric Upset Special

The Orange 20 Huskies 13

UCLA (-16.5) 23 Stanford 10 The Cardinal will cover because the Bruins O will still be a question mark, and Harabaugh finds out that this ain’t D.III anymore


Cal (-6) 46 Tenn 23 Even as much as this pains me because this make the MIL in the Bay Area happy. The Bears are good and they will have the jug blowers on the ropes and exact some revenge. Making Fulmer feel like me and the Better Half did last year at this time while in the Bay Area.

Okay I am rolling out, I am off to go back to the sweat lodge that is my home. We live close to the ocean and we really don’t need AC, expect for about a week or two. Well it happens to be in the middle of those two weeks.

But before a shove off.

Hey Time Blair Warner Is A Bitch Project Cable, you think by giving me ESPNU that this makes things square. HORSESHIT. You know what you have to do, so do it! Also we are not paying good money to have a crappy signal. You have already replaced the box and cable and our problem has returned. Time to time when we try to Tivo something there are points it craps out and is unwatchable. We checked the Tivo Box and it works, and how dare you speak ill of Tivo!

Look Time John Warner Retiring Cable you not only have me to worry about. The Better Half is as close as I am to storming your offices. You messed with her “So You Think You Can Dance” one too many times. But you probably don’t care Stalin Warner Cable Gulag you just love counting your money, but I know you have issues. You think you can give me the song and dance that you cable service don’t stink. But you A-holes can’t keep up with demand because you are beyond capacity. And for your F’up that you are not going to really fix any time soone, we all pay. Why don’t let me pick the channels I want and pay for that? No you can’t do that because it may actually make the customers happy. Also it screw with your fleecing of your subscribers. I know you have to have your solid gold rocket cars and fund those trips to Bangok to do lord knows what.

Not to go off on too much of a tangent speaking of fleecing I found this article about what is being done with out tax dollars in Iraq. Even though it will not come as surprised to anyone, I still ask you not read it near anything you value. (thanks Crooks and Liars for pointing me to Rolling Stone, who knew they were still doing something relevant)

Okay you have all suffered enough today. Have a great Labor Day.


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  1. Boski93 says:

    Holy crap that spam comment I deleted was one of most bizzaro attempts at writing and I should know since most of my post are random and scattered.

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