Bush in Vietnam warning over Iraq. (BBC)

Hey dumb ass are you kidding me?

Look if you going to make analogies about Iraq, don’t bring up a war you and Dark Lord Cheney both ducked. Stick to analogies you know like how you almost gave up on trying to find Waldo or almost quitting to find a keg for a frat party. Also didn’t you say that when asked about comparison to Vietnam you thought the analogy was “wrong” and sends the “wrong message to the troops and our enemies“. (Daily Kos) And don’t get me started on Fourth Branch and his apparent flip-flop on going into Iraq.

I can not believe they are actually going to try to run this up the flag pole. I am sorry if you are someone who falls for this then you need to be eaten by pumas. Don’t even try the whole Domino Theory bullshit or that our leaving will lead to millions of deaths like what happened in Cambodia. Bad ANALOGY! And no I am not for the deaths of anyone. The death I supported was Disco. No matter what happens things are a mess, by staying we maybe making it even worse and possibly lead to tens of millions of deaths.

Back to the Cambodia analogy. Cambodia went south because of our handy work. If Nixon had not screwed the pooch by violating Cambodia’s neutrality and then overthrowing Sihanouk with Lon Nol, which lead to the Khmer Rouge and Asshole #1 Po Pot. The Killing Fields were finally stop by, surprise united the newly united Vietnam. And if you even think I support the communist government of Vietnam, or that I am happy the U.S. lost 58,000 men along with millions who died in the conflict then go F yourself.

Look I know getting out of Iraq is going to be a bitch. We have to at least draw down to a level to provide counter-insurgence support and then if they can’t fix shit, get out. Redeploy back to Kuwait and Qatar and then try to mend some fences.

Look President Assclam, we are check and getting close to checkmate in Iraq because you sacrificed the queen, a bishop and both rooks for what?(Like the Chess references, makes me sound smarter) Probably for a couple pawns because they looked cool. Statesmanship is chess and you F&%$ers are playing at Checkers. To make things worse is that before the game is over you are looking for the next chess game. Let’s see Afghanistan was first and it looks like things are going great. So then it was on to Iraq which is now just a slice of heaven, or like Indiana as on GOP goon spewed out (if Iraq is like Indiana then I never plan to go to the Hoosier state ever). So we should expect Iran is soon, which some are hoping for. (Think Progress)

But you know Mr. Bush I would have to say this photo sums you up.

Thanks to Crooks and Liars

Okay enough out of me. I apologize if this makes no sense.

One Response to OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

  1. Silliyak says:

    It was fine, but we may have to cut back on your Ginger Ale consumption.

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