Check that off the list.

Finally went and saw the Simpson’s Movie this last weekend. I have the heat to blame for it.

I enjoyed it, no surprise. What surprised me was how adult they went on some of the humor. Not that I did not find it funny, but just surprising. I was also surprised on the lack of cameos. Never the less it was worth it even though I think Hans Moleman did not get enough screen time, but I was happy to see Hollis Hurlbut get over a serious case of Jebeditis. I won’t ruin it for you but Homer is Charles Kane’s sled. True.

So if you have not seen it and you enjoy the Simpson’s, then go see it. If you don’t enjoy the Simpson’s then you are on my list . . . just kidding then you should go see anything, except the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. Seriously Jason Lee, you are making money now. You do not have to take everything they offer. Now if you want to see the movie, but you have been forbidden to see it by your father. Then I advise you to avoid trying to read the Mortimer Adler’s novel the movie is based on. You will just have to wait 40 years and become a Supreme Court Justice, mmmmm Warren Burger mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!


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