Well I know I will spend these two hours scared.

Cheney to take reins during Bush medical procedure.

So the president is having a colonoscopy Saturday, so that means two things.

Darth Cheney is legally in charge according to the document that he and the President like to shit on. But that fourth brancher has been in charge all along it’s just odd that they are still trying to appear like they are following the Constitution. Wow it makes me long for the days when Al Haig was in charge.

Two, looking at this headline, the jokes just can’t write themselves up quick enough. From the sites I have seen today I have seen the usual suspects:

– Which end will they do the colonoscopy
– Will they find his head?
– How will they get Roger Ailes and the rest of the Fox News Channel out of the way?
– Mr. Bush will get to experience a little bit of what he has subjected us all to.
– The procedure may keep the President from speaking for a couple of days.

All very good, but I wonder if Ol’ Darth will keep Bush under sedation and tell us that he needs to for national security reason. Darth will inform us that,

“if we allow the doctors to cut and run before the Bush’s colon is ready to stand on it’s own, it will be disastrous. We need to hear from the Doctors in charge of this colonoscopy surge and review their report. That may be September or October or whenever. When that report is complete it will hopefully show that Mr. Bush’s ass has met those Gastrointestinal benchmarks. America has to continue the spread democracy across his colon and intestines, which have always been a cauldron of anger (especially after the President knocks back some chili dogs). The Socialized Medicine Surrenderist will want to just walk away. Even a phased redeployment will not work. It will only allow the Islamopolyps a safe haven in which to launch further attacks and that he has it on good intelligence that these polyps were seen in Prague talking to Iraq Intelligence.”

(Please send your virtual tomatoes and lettuce to my comments, thanks)

I really should not be worried about Darth, I mean what could he do in two hours. . . oh wait just thought about it and I am really worried. That bastard could could get into a whole mess of trouble.


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