Yesterday someone gave me the finger.

That someone was Bush. In fact he gave us all the finger again yesterday at his press conference.

That America was a big FU to everyone, well accept that 20% that still are delusionaly behind this jackass piloting this country.

I wish he would just come out and say, “hey, I going to do whatever the hell I want since I do not care about any of you or the law of the land”. I would be pissed but I would actually respect him for being honest for once.

All I can do is go on another profanity laced tirade, probably because I am suffering from war fatigue and I should get behind the surge since the insurgency is in it’s last throws, so I will let someone with more skill go over the B.S. that was just pouring out of that soup cooler of his. (Thanks Crooks and Liars, please go over and enjoy the site, but read at your own risk since you will want punch or smash things afterwards).

I am sorry Mr. Bush has gone from an mind numbingly inept to down right dangerous. Nothing is more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose and has no care for the consequences.

Post Script – Since it looks like things are going poorly it looks like the White House and Neocons are pulling out the same old tactics again. Either by using scare tactics or release bad news on Friday to make us take focus off the White Houses nonsense.

This time it looks like those guys and that organization that attacked us back in 2001 are back to pre-9/11 levels. How could this be since we removed Saddam and we so close finding Osama? I have no clue why. It could not be because i al-Qaeda has set up a great Club Med resort along the Pakistan/Afghanistan boarder. Well I should just blame the Clinton’s, Pro-Choice supporters and the gays. They have all held us back. The whole item about Rummy calling off an attack in 2004 along the Pakistan boarder must be false. Hilary must be behind it since al-Qaeda where partners in the Whitewater affair.

So we find out about the new and improved al-Qaeda, just right after hearing they could be planning an attack this summer. An attack that was brought to our attention thanks to the bile duct of a bile Bush cronie. Hey FU Chertoff and your gut you hunch driven clown (Thanks C & L and Keith Olbermann)!

Don’t even get me started on health care. I need to go see Sicko, I am curious to see what Micheal has to say.

Okay, the anger is out of my system for now.

The Iraqi government has not meet many of its goals and

Right now what he is doing to this country is tanamount to this. It the money after and he is not going to respect us, or call us back. He has also taken money our of our wallets, made a sandwich (which he did not clean up after) and then pissed all over the sink.


2 Responses to Yesterday someone gave me the finger.

  1. Silliyak says:

    I watch NASCAR for the crashes and I read your blog for the profanity laced tirades. Lovin’ it!

  2. Boski93 says:

    I’ll try, but I will never work the big rooms as long as keep working blue.

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