Beckham arrives and he’s

brought his dim witted robot wife (I thought robots were supposed to be smart, but David is not the sharpest tool himself so it makes sense)

and he helping a pyramid scheme

What is Becks going to be rolling around in his Bentley with a “Ask Me About Herbalife” bumper sticker?

I think not.

Seriously, did Herbalife beat out Amway for this spot? Also where does Herbalife have that kind of scratch? I thought they needed that cash to stay ahead of the Feds? And fighting lawsuits ain’t cheap kids.

I wish David well and I hope this helps American soccer, even though I still can’t get into it. I am sticking with the EPL till further notice. The man is not the best footballer to walk on the pitch but he is amazing at what he does and he seems to be marketing gold.

Even though I am soccer novice, I do know that from what I have seen of Becks in the past it is special. I know this man is fantastic delivering the ball to others. I mean some of the long balls he strike are amazing. He is hitting guys 40 yards up field, in stride, right at their feet. He is one of the best at delivering the ball from a set piece. Penalties, Corners Free kicks, he lethal. The guy has been really trying to show he’s a 90 minute player. He made a nice little run with Real Madrid this past season, but he not a complete player. So for those expecting something just remember he’s no Pele. The biggest problem is not Beckham is will the Galaxy actually have people who can finish. If they don’t then it will be a huge waste.

I just hope this does not become George Best II Electric Bugaloo. But every time I see him I will have to spit on the ground in anger. Because all that money could have been better sent on the Kings. Instead I have a team that maybe years away from the playoff while the Anaheim F%$#’s win the Cup. And no I am not getting over this anytime soon, so get used to me beating this into the ground.


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