Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I am wrapping up work and I am off for the cool environs of Palm Springs. Yep, 115 tomorrow. But the Better Half and I are going to get away from the asshats who are laughing ordnance that could be used in Iraq. We are going to do some lounging, some reading and some swimming with the Old People.

Hey speaking of the 4th, what is it with White Trash, Fireworks and alcohol? It like the holy trinity. Throw in a NASCAR race and forget it. Look I love seeing things go boom, but if I want to see a big boom, I will go watch the pros do it. I not up to watching cousin Jethro all lubed up on Natty Lights and Smirnoff Ice gluing M-80’s, he got illegally from Mexico, to a tree. Hey I will wait till the next day and watch them blow each other up on YouTube. Hell, I personally would be okay if this year at least in California we passed on the fireworks. Considering how dry it has been I not up for tempting fate. The up coming fire season because it is going to be a big bitch. I think it will be one that’s going to make what happened in San Diego county a couple months back look like a campfire. But the it is the 4th and if you want fireworks, go watch them.

Knowing is half the battle. . . .

So go forth and be merry, Throw that meat on to the grill, relax and please remember what it means to be free and American. Also think about how after this holiday we all need to work to help keep this country that way by telling the asshats we are not going to put up with BS. That the government no matter if there is a R, a D, or what ever the F Joe Lieberman is going with. Dude you are batshit crazy and we don’t need you telling us we have to go after Iran. (Crooks and Liars) I know this sounds naive, but until the Constitution is officially thrown out they work for the people and it is their sworn duty to serve and protects it’s citizens.

Even though there are days it is tough, I am and will always be proud to be American. That I will be disgusted with my countries action only because it can and should do better. We don’t have to rule to the world, but we should play a better part in it to make it better for everyone.

Okay I am now done, go you rascals go and enjoy your holiday.


One Response to Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!

  1. Don says:

    A few years ago, the Mrs. and I were invited to a 4th of July celebration waaaayyy back in the woods of Florida. It was madness… hillbillies throwing pipe bombs into the lake and stuff. We had to back away slowly and leave when no one was looking; we were afraid of ending up in some kind of “Deliverance” scenario. Never again.

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