There is no bottom.

It just keeps getting worse.

Bush commutes Libby prison sentence!

Kids please leave the room.


It will take me many a lifetime to dream up the a broomstick that I need to deal with shenanigans! Ah fuck I am too mad to even try to come up with anything witty to put to this. WHAT THE FUCK?

So Little Scooter get his reward for his loyalty. It is already being spun that this is Bush coming to a way of trying appease both side. But you know that is horseshit. Don’t give me this well it is his first offense bullshit. So I can fucking drop a dime on a CIA agent if its my first offense. I do that I am at Gitmo getting the Mitt Romey’s Dog treatment as I wait to meet old Sparky in Texas. Oh but he not getting scot free Boski. He is still a felony and he will need to pay that fine. Like fucking hell he is paying that $250,000, Haliburton will cover that if they even pay it. Oh sure Scooter Libby is going to be broken hearted that he can’t get a gun or vote. He and Paris Hilton can have an fucking pity party!

Fuck, fuck to the 1,000 power. This is so fucking bullshit I can’t even fathom it. Part of me wants to be resigned to it since I should be used to it since Bush, the Darth Lord and the Bush cronies have lied, cheated and stole and lead this country down a shitty road. Hell it could get worse, Bush could set everything up in flames by attacking Iran, destroy the economy and piss off the Russians who still have nukes. Good times, Good Fucking Times!

Great, fucking great. What a fantastic way to get ready for Independence day. The next time some Neocon, or a Dittoheads gives you BS about about how great Bush is, or that Dems are in bed with Osama, or tells you that you are going to enter a “no spin zone”, just punch. Keep punching them. Punch them in their fucking filthy pieholes, till those chicklets hit the floor. I hate violence and it won’t settle anything, but I am steamed.

Please forgive me for this fucking potty mouth fucking tirade but before I go

“Hey Bush, Cheney, Fox News, Rush and the rest of you. Go fuck yourself. Hey go ram a lighted Roman Candle up your ass you fucking asshats!”

Again sorry for the salty language.


3 Responses to There is no bottom.

  1. Silliyak says:

    Unfucking believeable

  2. Don says:

    Fuckin’ A.

  3. Silliyak says:

    Maybe this will make the Pardon an anticlimax. They’re already saying “no prison time, ergo no parole”

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