I don’t know what is worse…

Campaign 2008 Coverage

or that we have Bush till January 20, 2009.

What am I thinking Bush in a landslide.

Ran across these items on a this great site. I spend time here and it gets me nice and mad.

So it seems that Bill O’Riley has been on his pogo stick about how some news outlets are reporting the news that they are out to harm America, and that he and Fox News are about serious reporting. But Keith Olbermann gives us a slice of the serious reporting BillO delivers.
Bill are you sure you got a Peabody Award, I think you may need to check it and make sure it does not say Magoo Award. (Thanks Crooks and Liar)

So let me see, Stem Cells are evil, and staying in Iraq is good. (Thanks again to Crooks and Liar)

Also ran across this one, which pisses me off to no end. So we can have billions either be wasted or just go missing in Iraq, but a program that promotes community service is seen as waste at $25 million. I really should not be shocked, but I am still pissed about it. (Thanks to Crooks and Liars for getting me to this site)

When you are finished please use the hand sanitizer.


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