We are all Witness’ …

to some really boring basketball. And I thought San Antonio vs. Detroit would have been a snoozer.

The series so far has amount to a pile of crap that mankind has not constructed a shoe big enough to step into it, yet.

Note to you LeBron:

I am glad you have made it to the Finals, but other than the Second Half (nice elbow to Ginobli mug) in Game 2, you and the 11 other guys you are carrying look hopeless. Also another tip, it is not wise to spot team 30 points. Just saying.

The Spurs are not exactly lighting it up themselves, but it look like all they have to do is just have to put the screws the LeBron and it is game over. Thanks to this car wreck, we get Stu Scott and everyone else at ESPN trying to put lipstick on this pig. Even though I have the game on mute, Stu’s voice still comes through and haunts me.


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