Damn you Chase!

Last night I wanted to “Phil Leotardo” Mr. Chase for the ending of the Sopranos.


Where is our Wild Bunch gun fight?

Or a Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid ending?

Hell, I could have handle Tony wakes up in his room. He hears the shower. He gets up and goes to the shower door. The shower door opens up and there is Patrick Duffy to find out the last seven years had been a dream.

I have come down a bit from last night when I was ready to storm my local Time Warner Office and burn it to the ground (which does not take much with those a-holes). But after a nights sleep, I kind of get what Mr. Chase was going with by making us draw our own conclusion about what will become of Tony. We are all trying to figure out what happens next: is he coming to get popped, busted by the Feds, or forced to go to a timeshare presentation (wait that may be too gruesome)? Look it worked, we are all here yelling about it. Except I was pushing for getting popped, only for choosing that Journey song. That song is the only thing I hated about the 2005 White Sox title, but you don’t need to hear that rant again.

I think we should have something more to end the series on. I personally think it should have ended with:

Tony takes care of Phil
Gets NY in line
Keeps Janice from Uncle June’s cash
Clips Carlo before he could be flipped
Avoids the indictments

In short, Tony gets peace in his Kingdom.

The final scene we have a long shot of the Sopranos backyard. The camera pans in. We see Tony raking leaves. All is calm and Tony hears ducks in the distance. Two Mallards land. The ducks root around on the grass looking for food. The ducks look happy. This warms Tony’s heart, since we know his fondness of animals. He watches them and feel a sense calm he hasn’t had in years. He looks at the house sees Carmella. He smiles and begins to walk back to the house and. . .


The ducks plug him, take the money from the Feeder and take over the Jersey operation!

They could have it this all for a song, but do they ask?


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