Sunday is an end of an era.

After what seems like 15 years the Sopranos ends. I will miss it. The show has been an excellent, even though it’s had it moments of anger (for being off for so long) and ???? (did we need a Tony in the desert hopped up on nativie American goof balls?). But I hope HBO can keep rolling out the great programing and not allow shows to drift away (seriously Deadwood should have had another season)

But here is a quick list of my favorite HBO series from over the years

1. The Wire – If you do not agree I will have Omar come by and have a word.

2. Deadwood – Brilliant. Swearengen is my homeboy.

3. Sopranos – Should be higher, but too many delays and too many tangents they went off on. I just wonder what would have happened if the actress who played Tony’s mom had lived. What direction would the story arch taken.

4. Entourage – Flat out funny, sure the “Hug it Out” maybe as overused as “Vote for Pedro”, it still works and the show still is magnificent and from what I can tell from articles that it is based in a good deal of accuracy, well as much as we can get from Hollywood without threat of a court order.

5. The Chris Rock Show – I am glad for the success of Everyone Hates Chris, but I miss this show. Had some interesting guest, good musical acts and some great skits

6. Big Love – Moving up the charts, still trying to get over the fact that Chet has three wives.

7. Dennis Miller Live – I am really sad Dennis is dead and been replaced by a soulless chunk of carbon.

8. Not Necessarily the News – A forgotten classic

9. First and Ten – Bubba and Jethro you have not been forgotten.

10. Arli$$ – Yes, I enjoyed it. Hey I think Bob Whul is funny.

Not on the list

Lucky Louie – He was good as a writer for the Chris Rock Show, and is not bad as a stand up, but this show was awful

Carnivale – Never saw it, heard it was good.

The Mind of the Married Man – Awful, also it is not a good omen that the day you are going to flog your show on Good Morning America happens to be 9/11/2001.

Real Time with Bill Maher – A great show and I should watch this more, but he personally is such a pompous ass it is tough for me to even try watching him.


2 Responses to Sunday is an end of an era.

  1. Don says:

    Hey, I remember “Not Necessarily The News”! Long live the Sniglets!

    Where’s the love for “Band Of Brothers”? I got the DVDs for my birthday, and so far I’m lovin’ it.

  2. Boski93 says:

    I love Band of Brothers, but I see it more of a Moive event (long) than a Series. If that makes sense.

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