Oh Gordon.

You have another winner on your hands this year. As I have said I am not the biggest reality show fan, but since there are so many on you can’t avoid it. But this season of Hell’s Kitchen after one episode has been awesomely awesome.

Just go here and click on Aaron breaking down in front of Chef Ramsey.

I know I am going to hell for laughing at this guy, but watch it and tell me you do not get a chuckle from it.

Sorry folks I will watch Gordan Ramsey all day and night. Sure his teaching may boarder on the Great Santini. but the man wants people to do there best. He cares about them learning, but since his name is on the show he takes it a little seriously. What you see is not an act. The man can be an angry bastard in the kitchen. He will not give ,or take quarter.

I would be too scared to work for him, but I respect the hell out of the man, even though he played for Rangers.


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