Hey whose the dork next to the coach?

That dork would be me.

Hey here is me rubbing elbows with Karl Dorrell

and Ben Holland

Friends of the Better Half got us in and it was fun. I enjoyed it since I have a stalker-like infatuation with UCLA a school I never attended. I was not the sharpest tool in the shed and surprising a institution like UCLA is tough to get into especially when you know only 23 of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I would have been happy to just attend the university even though I do not know how UCLA, and nearly every D-I school missed out on my 5.4 40 speed and inability to even do 225 on the bench. They obviously never saw my highlight slide.

I am telling you that if coach had put me in we would have won state, No doubt in my mind . . . oh sorry I went Uncle Rico there. But I would have been so thrilled just to go and study history there.

Which leads me to a bit of sad news. One of my co-favorite professor I never took a class from passed away Dr. Eugne Weber, the other being my Better Half’s Mom). Any time the The Western Tradition is on, I will watch it, even above some sporting events.

Yes, I said that.

But I am still happy that I went Cal State Fullerton, well that was up until The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School visited. Right now I am telling people I just went to Fullerton Junior College.


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