Slappy Easter

Well the work week is winding down and I am just killing time here at work.

Trying to get things wrapped up so I can flee early today so I can catch L.A. Avengers excitement.

Yes, I am going to watch Arena Football.

We won the tickets a couple weeks back when I correctly guessed the total of the BYU vs. Xavier 1st Round NCAA Tourny Game (and you all said gambling would lead to nothing). Would have liked the Laker tickets, but as they say “beggar can be choosers but there are a hell of a lot of forms to fill out.”

So I will fighting the freeways to watch grown me do something I used to get yelled at. Didn’t the Brady Bunch teach us about playing ball in the house. I love the Arena League is trying to sell itself and be fan friendly, I just would love for them to add one thing. In or around each end-zone I wish they would have a giant mock up of a lamp or picture frame. So that if either team hits any of the home items, then a siren goes off and the offenders are penalized 15 yards for roughing the breakables. To add to it, if a team gets three in a game and your team is grounded and it’s an automatic forfeit and will get it from Dad when he gets home.

Just a thought Arena League. Chew on it, if you like it you know where to find me.

This will be my second foray into Arena Football. 11 years ago I watched an epic tilt between the Anaheim Piranhas and the Iowa Barnstormers. It was a game that did have playoff implications. I was there since the man who ran the Broadcasting Camp, had part ownership of the team. So in a way we where helping him bankroll this venture. A venture that ended the next season. But what I did not realize is that during the game that we all making fun of one player. A player we kept referencing to as former Seattle Seahawk great. Little did we know it would be future Super Bowl winner, NFL MVP, and selling his own soul to the devil for fame Quarterback Kurt Warner. Some of you thought I was going to say Dan Doornick. Psych!

I can tell by the yawns you are fascinated by that to no end.

As for the rest of the weekend,

Saturday – a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Sunday – Brunch with my wife’s Mom at Castle Boskistein, Then Easter egg/nap hunt with this guy:

Next up is Mass, then it is off to my Mom’s for the Nephew’s Million Dollar Egg Hunt – Sponsored by Cisco Information Systems. Depending on the the loot I may need to get in on it. Look, I am not afraid of moving aside an 8 year old, or 3 year old, to get a Lincoln or two. Hey they need to know about competition, and their Uncle Boski will be the one to teach them.

I am know I am a horrible person.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and blog at you Monday.


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