Lost Blog!

April 24, 2007
If anyone has seen this blogger or any of his current blog entries

please report it to the civil authorities or animal control.

Reward: Your own Boskicrafted reference to the Hapsburg’s

I am sad that he didn’t get the perfect game.

April 19, 2007

And that it was Sammy “Watch me forget how to speak English when I am asked about steroids” Sosa who broke it up, but it was rewarding to see Sammy getting picked off for having a brain fade.

Suck it Sammy!

So let us give Mark Buehrle a nice hand for the No-No he tossed last night.

Let us hope that this kick the White Sox in ass, and gets them going on doing what must be done. And that is to overtake the Politically Incorrect’s, Twinkees and the Pitty Kittys.

Still nothing coherent!

April 19, 2007

Trying to bring you something witty and brilliant. Instead of Chocolate Milk it watered down Youhoo.

Work has kept things busy and folk I have tried to think of a cool hip way to fit Physician Re-appointments and Quality Risk Events into a blog entry and it does not work. Kind like peanut butter and typhoid. It does not work. Sure it sounds good when you sing,

“Peanut, peanut butter and . . . . . typhoid!

I was doing that for about an hour last night.

From Typhus it went to “peanut, peanut butter and ….:

knife fights

Map Quest

John Wesley Harding


Neil Sedaka

War of 1812


Pirmin Zurbriggen

Then I stopped. I felt the joke had run it’s course and I got distracted by some tin foil.

No content, just acrance references!

April 16, 2007

Louis XII

Results of the World Series of Wiffle Ball Des Moines Chamber of Commerce vs. The cast of Fame.

St. Louis Browns

Fate of Discotheques on Easter Island

Cheeses’ of Bolivia

Talking Pie and the Battle of Waterloo – Was Wellington was helped by a time traveling Peach Pie?

Insurance Seminars

Congressional Ocelots

Freddie Laker

Namibian National Championship Squash results from 1994

New Coke found on Mars

Elbows Across Delaware – the precursor to Hands Across America

T.J. Hooker

1927 Great Ferret Rush of Norway


Shrinky Dinks

Bowling Shoes

Thanks Wikipedia – As you can see how powerful young boys imagination and Wikipedia can be be in the war to waste time.

Good to see that not only the Bush Administration spreading democracy across the globe,

April 12, 2007

we are also spreading our wonderful brand of cronyism.

Great job Paul Wolfowitzless!

Sure other nations have their own unique brands of favoritism and corruption, but the Bush brand is just specialier (as our President would probably say). It provides many hour of countless laughs and outrage, along with a hint of cinnamon.

Just as a note I would like to say this administration’s graft would make Boss Tweed blush.

Sorry I have just been dying to make some kind of reference to Tammany Hall.

I think the bigger crime is

April 11, 2007

that Imus is actually still on the radio. The man has 0.0 rating in a couple of major markets. Who the hell listens to him, Seriously, this dude needs to be arrested for stealing, as well.

Please CBS, fire Yosemite Sam, also let him know that he passed away to years ago.

What an Asshat! Could you be any dumber? Hell, the late Anna Nicole is stunned on how freaking stupid you are, you old coot. You have never been funny or interesting you racist bastard. This is not your first rodeo when it comes to making remarks like this.

As he goes on his apology tour, he keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole. So to that I applaud him for his bumbling effort. Part of this tour will be a meeting with the people he offended. I know that the classy individuals of Rutgers Women’s Basketball will, in their meeting with Douche Imus, express their displeasure. It will be done passionately, yet civil. They will try to explain to the Iclod why it was hurtful and totally inappropriate. Which will probably go in one ear, rattle around and then out the other. Personally I wish that the parents or family friends could come in and beat the dude with a rake, but that is petty little me.

So Don Imus I say to you, “suck it!’

Well it looks like I wasted $20

April 10, 2007

That is that last time I ever bet on Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Count Frederic Von Asshat.

I believed you. I could have made some cash, but no you are not Anna’s Baby’s Daddy, you are not even Baby Grandaddy, thanks for nothing Count Goodfornothing!

I hope Zsa Zsa get as slappy with you as she did with the cops.