Noooooo! Not Larry.

Today we lost an icon.

You will be miss Mr. DeForest, ah screw NBC, thats Mr. Mellman. Even though Mr. DeForest has passed, he is still will be funnier than Jay Leno could ever pray to be. Why did they have to take Larry, and not that big chinned freak!?! Okay that was harsh. I need to rephrase it. I just want Jay off the air and in a working as a bride in Turkish prision.

Even though I have not really watched Letterman in years I did love that show.


2 Responses to Noooooo! Not Larry.

  1. Don says:

    I’ll miss Larry “Bud” Melman too. He was truly one of those people that made me laugh just by existing.

    Oh, I agree about Leno, too. Trap-Jaw should be transferred to a radar base in the Antarctic. Do your show now, funny boy!

  2. Boski93 says:

    I still sadden by this, so I must go to YouTube and watch Run DMC’s “King of Rock”.

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