Someone Cue Pearl Jam

Ohhhh I , I am still alive.

I am, I was barely on Monday. Vegas was a blast. I had a great time, seeing people I had not seen in a while. It goes as my 3rd favorite trip. Sorry it is tough to top my birthday trip in 2005, and my Mom’s 60th Birthday Celebration.

Yesterday, I mustered all of my strength to try to bang out a report of the trip, in my attempt to avoid doing real work. Sadly that literary masterpiece was lost forever to Blogger. Maybe Blogger was as drunk as I was this weekend. Speaking of drunk your Uncle Boski is not a big drinker, but when I do drink I am great drunk. If you need positive reinforcement. Just meet me in Vegas and get me a couple of drinks and I will tell you that you are awesome till the cows come home or I fall asleep.

Sadly I must get back to work, I will try to give you a full report tomorrow.


3 Responses to Someone Cue Pearl Jam

  1. Totsie says:

    I probably won’t get you drunk, but I WILL call you Uncle Boski.

    Looking forward to the report Uncle Boski.

  2. Eric says:

    Dude – I sooo need some positive reinforcement. Meet you in Vegas this weekend, I’ll bring the schnapps

  3. Boski93 says:

    Tot- All my friends do, that and Sargent Hulka. I do not know when I became the big toe, but it could be worse.

    Eric – Dude I will do that for free, sober, and anywhere, because you are awesome.

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