To Mr. Gooch

I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Extras, and you were dead on about the whole scene where Maggie is at Darren Lamb’s – Super Agent for dinner. I was both filled with laughter and horror as he tries to clean up and then get some of his handy work back in his eye. But I hope you have seen the finale, because the scene back in the Darren’s office where Andy catches Darren having relations with himself with help from Barry’s pen is another disturbing yet can’t breath because of laughing moment. That along with the thought of wondering if Robert DeNiro still has that pen?

If this is the end of Extras, then I will be sad, but if asked about how I feel about the show then I will give a resounding,

“Are you havin’ a laugh?”


2 Responses to To Mr. Gooch

  1. Totsie says:

    For a moment during the dinner I thought “Oh no, they’re getting on too well and Andy will never be able to sack him now!”…and then the goggly-eyed freak has to break up his own log.

    And all was right with the world.

  2. Boski93 says:


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