Oh wait another question.

How can you get a “reality show” when you and reality have not seen each other in years.

Will this be listed under Sci/Fic?
Speaking of the Beckhams, I need to again pick a David’s future employers.
Hi, my name is Boski, and I am really glad to see that A.E.G doing it’s best to help soccer in this country. I know you are trying to grab viewers like myself who enjoy watching the EPL. But I am also a Los Angeles Kings fan, you know that Superfund site that plays to ever shrinking crowds at Staples. Yes that team you just held a fire sale for. I understand and applaud that we are finally rebuilding, but for the 250 million you dropped on Becks could have gone a long way. Even with the salary cap we could have bought some players. Hell, we could have bought the Pittsburgh Penguins and they have some really good players. So I hope and pray that Beck’s knee gets better and the Ducks do not win a Stanley Cup before the Kings do. Or you will face my wrath, and gentlemen that wrath is almost on par with my wrath I have for Time Warner Cable.



3 Responses to Oh wait another question.

  1. Don says:

    I find that very few reality shows have anything to do with reality. My wife likes reality shows, but makes fun of me for liking sci-fi movies and shows because they’re “unrealistic”. Ha!

  2. Silliyak says:

    That should have them quaking in their flip flops!

  3. Boski93 says:

    Don – Good, take the power back!

    Silly – That is what I am hoping for.

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