A question to everyone.

I am wondering if Met fans from the 80’s who have kids, command those kids to boo Daryl Strawberry’s kids who plays for Maryland?

Just curious.

My favorite Darryl Strawberry moment. Me and a friend of mine went down to see the Padres opening day in 1994. We would have gone to see the Angles play, but some moron could not read a newspaper, and yes that moron was me.

The game was done and we were sitting in the parking lot at the Murph (it will always be the Murph). These were the days before they put in the red car line. Back in the day when it took you about three and a half days to get out of the parking lot. So we were listening to Sports Talk. It was an L.A. Station and they were talking about Darryl going into rehab, after missing a Freeway Series game to score some blow at one of the many motor lodges near Disneyland. I forget the name of the place, but it may have been the Ivanhoe Motel, the same place Tony Phillips got some Colombian Marching powder.

The host of the show had Tommy Lasorda (I don’t hate Tommy, but I always love that scene) on. And Tommy is trying to explain that he feels bad for Straw and that he is glad to get help and what the Dodgers were going to do. Tommy being the positive person he is (Tommy never liked to put anyone down, even opponents. . .okay most times) But a call comes in and it is from a transplant from NY and the guys starts yelling,

“Daryl is a dog Tommy, he’s a dog!”

So him and Tommy go back and forth and the host is just laughing. Me and my friend were rolling as well. To this day we anytime still yell that each other. Oh memories.


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