Speaking of Crooning, narrow minded, dead guy losing duche bags.

I have a bone to pick with Mr. Asscroft. As I have mentioned that I own a Satellite Radio and I love it. I will not bore you again with my testimonial. There are only a couple things I listen to on “terrestrial radio” and even those I listen to most of those via podcast. Don’t worry NPR, Team Boski will continue to subscribe.

As you have probably heard the two satellite companies have agreed to merge. Which at first I was worried about but I have come around. Especially since it may mean I can get White Sox games without getting XM. So they are going to go before Congress to get approval for the Merger. It seems in the days just after the announcement Mr. Asscroft had asked XM if he could be a consultant, when they declined. That crotch goblin then hopped over to the National Association for Broadcasters, who I think is a giant bag of flaming hog shit, but I save that for another day. Waaaaaaa XM/Sirius would not pay me extortion, so I am going to NAB and be a douche, whaaaaaaaaaa!


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