Adorable Barbarian at the Gate.

Here is some more of the one who attacks us everyday with his good nature and his desire to be petted.

It may just look like a cat resting, but it pure cute fury, a fury that causes us to throw down any resistance and have him bludgeon our hands with his fur.

He yawns with delight knowing he has broken us down yet again.

He seems to be everywhere.

All that stalking will make one very sleepy. But he rests, so he can raise an army of humans to help him do his adorable bidding. He has been able to rope one of the locals into his army.

But the Adorable Stalker may want to rethink his selection in toadies.


2 Responses to Adorable Barbarian at the Gate.

  1. Totsie says:

    Hmm, so all this time I’ve been thinking Ferris was my toadie, when I’ve actually been his? Curses!

    Diabolical little furds aren’t they?

    ps – Boski rocks the Wolverine.

  2. Boski93 says:

    They so are.

    I am also a toadie to my hair as well.

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