Still need a nap.

I am still sleepy from this weekend. This weekend was not wild and crazy, but still tiring.

Here are the highlights:


– The Better Half’s Mom showed up to take us to the airport. As we prepared to ventured out, we nearly had a home invasion by this fellow.

At first he just sauntered up to hang with the Better Half and her mom, as they were opening up the car. All was fine until the Better Half came back to the house and opened the door. As soon as the wife opened the door. He bolted to it and made his attempt. It was an orange and white streak to the door. He nearly made it in, but was stopped, this time.

Damn him and his adorableness.

– Land at Sky Harbor and we saw NFL Hall of Famer the Minister of Defense himself, Deacon Jones. We made a halfass effort to say hello, but he seemed out of it and he still may be a little bummed with the passing of one of his fellow Fearsome Foursome.

– Got picked up by our friends and traveled to that bustling metropolis Tuscon and made it to Tuscon Electrical Ballpark for that all important White Sox/Diamondback Spring Training Battle.

– The White Sox came out and established their dominance. A dominance that lasted till half way through the bottom of the first.

– Even though the Sox, Offense, Defense and pitching looked listless it was still a great time.

– I got my first bit of sunburn of the season. That along with windburn. Man it was cold.

– Friday was the start of using and overusing the phrase for anything that did not go as planned, “well it is spring training for (insert proper noun here) them as well”. It was used for the concession stand, the parking attendants, the umps, the organ player, the hotel workers and so on and so on.

– It is hard to have a bad day after a day at the yard.

– The hotel we stayed at was the home for the Colorado Rockies minor league players. I know that these were not in the big clubs camp. I don’t think Todd Helton is camping at this hotel for spring. Now this place was not horrible, but not worth what was paid.

– It seems to be law that to be in the Rockies farm system that you have to walk around with your luggage or your shaving kits. I don’t know why they were doing this. It was driving us all crazy, we wanted to know what was up. My guess was that they were using the shaving kit bags and suitcases to hoard food or hotel towels. Probably not, but I going to believe it.

– Attention Future Rockies, or at this point Pebbles, if you want to make the bigs, shag more grounders and spend less time on your myspace pages/looking at porn. It seemed like the players were in the “Visitor Business Center” (A small room with a computer in it) the whole time. I was tempted to bang on the door and yell “hand check”, but my Spanish is lousy.

– I think Mexican food is catching on in Tuscon.


– Another glorious day, but thankfully with less wind.

– Team Boski got Joe Crede’s autograph, which was nice, but I also think it lead to him committing an error when the ball got into his jersey.

– Gavin Floyd made a bid for the fifth spot in the rotation with a couple of solid innings, but Gavin, I need to ask are you part Werewolf because there is something going on with your neck?

– Along with the good pitching it was good to see the Sox move runners, get some key hits and play better defense, especially Juan “Don’t Touch My Jeep” Uribe. Who snuffed out many a D-Back rally. Which helped the White Sox finally get their first win of the Spring, even though the White Sox did a great Bad News Bears impression as they let the D-Back get back into the game, thankfully the Sox prevented an embarrassing let down with a collision at home plate resulting in the final out.

– Have I mentioned I like baseball?

– If you have not done it, and you love baseball, then you do need to go to Spring Training. You get good seats without paying an arm and a leg.

– My only complaint with the Tuscon stadium, other than no media guides, is that please tell the Air Force base not to have planes doing tricks during the games. I was got distracted multiple times watching a couple of F-4’s, some F-16’s and others doing some fancy turns. I just had visions of getting domed by a foul ball when I am looking at the sky.


– I know Tuscon is not a large city, and I know a lot of things are closed on Sunday, but it was so quiet. Almost to the point of eerie.

– How did Clint Eastwood not win an Oscar for “Any Which Way You Can? The finest illegal street fighter with an Orangutan sequel ever made.

– We had not planned to see the Sox on Sunday, but wished we had as they beat the Cubs like the filthy curr’s they are. But I did enjoy looking at the dejected faces of Cub fans at the airport.

– Sadly we had to say goodbye to our friends who joined us on this journey. They are great people and it was great they had time to see us and go down to Tuscon. We also enjoyed seeing their daughter who got to see her first baseball game. Out of this weekend we might have been able to talk them into coming out to see the Dodgers this August. If we don’t see them

– Sky Harbor not too bad of a place to kill time.

– Saw NBA Analyst and former NBAer Mark Jackson walking through the Airport, but too scared to say anything.

So it finally came time to get on our plane and end our weekend, but Boski was able to spot one more former Athlete. Our flight had current NBA ref, former NBAer, a 1984 Gold medal winner, and a former Cal State Fullerton Titan, Leon Wood. I know, but I find it exciting. Well he is very nice guys who took time to talk to me from the plane to luggage claim. I have a VHS tape somewhere with me doing an “interview” with him when I was at a broadcasting camp back in 1996.

Okay this nonsense will cease, must get back to napping at work.


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