Off to Tombstone.

Okay I am not off to make my fortune like the Earp brothers, or to piss off dudes in red scarfs. I am off to Tuscon for some Spring Training goodness. I know I have gone on about this, but the Better Half and I are excited, since we will be with friends.

I so psyched to be watching the White Sox as they tune up for the 2007. So ready that I am in mid-season form. The Sox have played three spring training games and have lost all three, so I am ready to pulling my hair and panic.

So please help your self to the gin and the Hamburger Helper.


2 Responses to Off to Tombstone.

  1. Totsie says:

    Vicki Pollard – Drug muggler?
    Laughed so hard at this clip I just had to send it.

    ps – I can’t believe someone aside from me and my bestie remembers “Turkey Drop”.

  2. Boski93 says:

    That was pure gold Tot

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