Excuse me who is the oafish man chasing our kids?

That is a question that was probably on the minds of some of the parents at my nephews bounce-house birthday party as I again showed that I am a eight year old. Chasing kids and being chased for a couple of hours. I did show some restraint. I did not go Thunder Dome which the parents would have probably frowned on. But who I am kidding those kids would have beaten the crap out of me and taken my lunch money.

That reminds me, if I had only know as a younger man the racket that is kids parties. I would have gone into that. I would be rolling in the money, well after I had settle those cases involving shooting kids out of a cannon. Sure it would have been bad, but not WKRP dropping turkeys from a helicopter bad. So let us never speak of it again.

Afterwards we did make it to UCLA, sadly and probably thankfully we could not go to Culver City, stupid traffic. But going to Pauley was a blast. You are sitting in history. You look up and you see those banners, it is quite impressive. Speaking of impressive, the Bruins held a ceremony they held at halftime to celebrate the 1967 National Championship team. I know not very interesting to most, but I am a very simple man. A man easily entertained by sports and shinny objects.

Afterwards wandered through Westwood, it had to be a good day since we found parking within 5 minutes.

Sunday was the end of the nephew birthday festival with dinner at my Mom’s. It is always fun hanging with the nephews and the family, well almost the whole family. It is a long story and I may one day tell you fine people, but I am not ready to. Let me say because of some family dynamics it makes these celebrations not as fun.

I did not catch much of the Oscars, pissed that our man Dan did not win for Babel, but was happy to see that Forest Whitaker win. It made me wonder, what would have happened if Sean Penn had been up for an Oscar as well. Would he have finally told Forest that he wrecked his bitchin Trans Am because he was blasted, or would he go on and lie that it was the rival high school who trashed his car. So I must ask, did I miss much?


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