Maybe I was not wrong in

… my original assessment of Britney needing to be kenneled.

Thankfully she’s back into rehab, yet again (I hope they told her that going in and out of rehab like will not get her free frozen yogurt any sooner).

But I have to ask, if she does get out again, will they need Animal Control?

Look she went feral last time she was out on the streets.

Seriously how close are we to seeing her attack humans?

In this man’s humble opinion, not very far.

Right now I think the best thing for the kids is to let them be raised by wolves. Look it may have worked for these guys. Look the wolves would have more manners and be a little bit cleaner than K-Fed and Brit, but again it is just this man’s opinion.

I really should be ashamed that I have taken the time to even care about Brit, considering how f’ed up things are in the world (the destruction of the Constitution, the Iraq war, coming soon the Iran War, global warming, Darfur and so on and so on), but I am sorry. I just get so mesmerized when Hillbillies, Chavs (for our British fans) or dumb ass celebs go astray from the law and reality.

There I have admitted it, it is the first step in recovery.


2 Responses to Maybe I was not wrong in

  1. Totsie says:


    I’m still not ready to talk about bald Britney and her umbrella of doom. It’s just all so Twin Peaks or something. Oddly enough, I find those track shorts she’s wearing scarier than the “I’ll eat your young!” look on her face. Looks like someone horked my basketball clothes. From 1987.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Tot – if you need me to I can call the Log Lady and try to get some answers. And yes she is rocking a horrible uni.

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